Bizarre Images in Brazil: Fans Climbing over Track Fences

Fans at the Brazilian Grand Prix misbehaved by climbing over fences to get onto the track, leading to the organisers being taken to task by the FIA.


– Fans climbed over fences to get onto the track after the Brazilian Grand Prix
– The organisers have been taken to task by the FIA for the fan misbehavior
– Ted Kravitz reported that fans entered the track before the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix
– Organisers of Sao Paulo GP were called up by the stewards at Interlagos

Following the Brazilian Grand Prix, reports have surfaced regarding fans who have misbehaved and were seen climbing over fences in order to gain unauthorized access to the track. The FIA has expressed concern over this issue and has taken action against the event’s organisers as a result. This incident has raised questions about the security measures in place to protect both the drivers and the fans.

Renowned F1 journalist, Ted Kravitz, reported that some fans were able to enter the track before the conclusion of the race. A video that was shared on social media showed the incident, raising concerns about the safety and security protocols at the Brazilian Grand Prix. This has prompted the FIA to launch an inquiry into the matter and request answers from the organizers.

The misbehavior of fans has led to the stewards at Interlagos calling up the organisers of the Sao Paulo GP. The safety of both the drivers and the spectators is of utmost importance and it is imperative for events to have stringent security measures in place. The FIA will be looking into this matter further to ensure that such incidents are not repeated in the future.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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