Bono Surprised by Hamilton: Questions if It’s an April Fool’s Joke

Peter Bonnington was shocked to learn from Toto Wolff that Lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes for Ferrari at the end of 2024, a move that surprised everyone at Mercedes.


‣ Peter Bonnington was shocked to learn from Toto Wolff that Lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes for Ferrari, a move that surprised the entire Mercedes team.

‣ Lewis Hamilton announced his departure from Mercedes, despite having a contract until 2025, and will join Ferrari at the end of 2024.

‣ The news was so unexpected that Bonnington questioned if it was an April Fools’ joke, highlighting the level of surprise this announcement caused within the team.

‣ It is currently unclear whether Peter Bonnington, Hamilton’s race engineer, will also move to Ferrari along with Hamilton.

Peter Bonnington’s jaw dropped. Toto Wolff just dropped a bombshell on him. Imagine, Lewis Hamilton, of all people, heading to Ferrari. And leaving Mercedes behind? That’s the stuff of fiction, or so Peter thought.

It was a curveball no one saw coming. Not a single soul at Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton, with a contract until 2025, decided to shake things up. He’s ditching his current digs at the end of 2024. The news broke on a seemingly ordinary Wednesday morning. Wolff had the unenviable task of breaking it to Peter.

“Is this some kind of joke?” That’s what ‘Bono’ asked. You could almost hear the disbelief in his voice. “Is it April 1?” But no, this wasn’t any prank. Hamilton’s move to Ferrari was as real as it gets. And poor Peter? He was left reeling.

Now, the million-dollar question hangs in the air. Will Bonnington pack his bags for Italy too? As of now, it’s anyone’s guess.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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