Bono Unlikely to Join Hamilton at Ferrari Due to Clause

Lewis Hamilton is contractually barred from taking his Mercedes colleagues, including Peter Bonnington, with him when he moves to Ferrari in 2025, although Mercedes staff could still independently choose to join Ferrari.


– ‣ Peter Bonnington is unlikely to follow Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari due to a contractual clause preventing Hamilton from inviting Mercedes colleagues to join him at another team.
– ‣ Lewis Hamilton is set to join Ferrari in 2025, aiming to lead the team back to the top, similar to Michael Schumacher‘s move from Benetton to Ferrari.
– ‣ Mercedes included a clause in Hamilton’s contract to prevent him from taking key team members with him if he decides to leave for another team, such as Ferrari.
– ‣ Despite Hamilton’s restrictions, Mercedes employees could still independently decide to move to Ferrari or be approached by Ferrari, as the clause only restricts Hamilton’s ability to solicit colleagues.

Peter Bonnington and Lewis Hamilton parting ways? Seems like it. Word on the street is Hamilton’s hands are tied when it comes to poaching his Mercedes mates for a Ferrari fiesta.

So, Hamilton’s gearing up for a 2025 switch to Ferrari. The Brit’s eyeing a comeback to glory with the Italians. Remember when Schumacher did a similar shuffle from Benetton to Ferrari? He brought a whole crew with him. Mercedes, though, they’ve played their cards differently with Hamilton.

### Why Hamilton’s Mercedes Squad Can’t Join the Ferrari Party

Rumor has it, according to the folks over at, Mercedes slipped a little something into Hamilton’s contract. A no-poaching clause, if you will. This means Hamilton can’t coax Bonnington or anyone else from the team to jump ship with him to Ferrari.

But, here’s a twist. Mercedes folks could still end up at Ferrari, just not with Hamilton’s fingerprints on the move. He’s off-limits for recruitment talks, but Ferrari? They’re free to chat up anyone from Mercedes. History’s kinda repeating itself here. Before Hamilton even thought about Ferrari, they snagged Loic Serra, a big fish from Mercedes’ pond.

Crazy, right? Just goes to show, in the high-speed world of Formula 1, you never really know what’s gonna happen next.

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Albert Ramirez
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