Bottas Potential Replacement for Hamilton at Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas is open to a potential return to Mercedes if his current project with Audi fails, maintaining a good relationship with the team and not ruling out any options for his future in Formula 1.


‣ Valtteri Bottas is open to a return to Mercedes, maintaining a good relationship with the team and expressing willingness to rejoin if his current project with Audi does not succeed.

‣ Bottas visited Brackley, where Mercedes is based, the day before Lewis Hamilton‘s departure from Mercedes was announced, sparking speculation about a potential return to the team, although he clarified the visit was for other reasons.

‣ Despite prioritizing his commitment to the Audi project, Bottas does not exclude the possibility of returning to Mercedes or any other team if the Audi project fails, indicating no burned bridges with Mercedes.

‣ Mercedes is in search of a replacement for Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season, with George Russell contracted until then. Bottas, having won 10 Grands Prix with Mercedes from 2017 to 2021, remains a potential candidate for the seat.

Valtteri Bottas? Yeah, he’s not shutting the door on Mercedes. Not completely. He’s got this vibe, you know, where he’s like, “We’re cool,” and there’s not a single team he’d turn his back on. That is, if the whole Audi gig doesn’t pan out.

So, Lewis Hamilton waved goodbye to Mercedes. And just like that, the 2025 Silly Season kicked off with a bang. Guess who was in Brackley the day before the big news dropped? Yep, Bottas. But no, he wasn’t there to ink a deal with his old squad. Yet, he’s not tossing the idea of a comeback out the window.

### Bottas could return to Mercedes

“I was actually in Brackley, believe it or not,” he said. Not for a chit-chat at Mercedes, but for other stuff. And no, Toto [Wolff] and I haven’t caught up over the phone. Would I head back? Look, Audi’s my main squeeze right now,” the Stake driver spilled during the C44’s big reveal.

But here’s the kicker: Bottas isn’t slamming the door on a Mercedes return. “If Audi falls through, then why not? I’m keeping my options open. No hard feelings with Mercedes, as far as I’m concerned.”

Mercedes has got a bit of a puzzle to solve, though. They need someone to fill Hamilton’s shoes by 2025. George Russell? He’s tied down till then. Bottas had his glory days with the German team from 2017 to 2021, bagging 10 wins. Then came 2022, and Russell stepped in, sending Bottas off to Alfa Romeo, or as it’s known in 2024, the Stake F1 Team.

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