Bottas Shifts from Hero to Zero: Realizes Need for Complete Change

Valtteri Bottas, who has won 10 Grands Prix in his career and twice finished second in the world championship, has struggled in recent seasons, but is hopeful for better performance next year with a new car and team at Sauber.


‣ Valtteri Bottas, who has won 10 Grands Prix in his career, has been struggling in Formula 1 for the past two seasons.
‣ Bottas’ performance at Mercedes was considered a setback if he only scored 10 points during a Grand Prix weekend.
‣ Despite the tough season, Bottas is hopeful for more highlights in the upcoming year with a new car.
‣ Sauber, the team Bottas is currently with, is planning to make significant improvements to their car and team for better performance in 2024.

Valtteri Bottas has a pretty impressive record. He’s won 10 Grands Prix, matching the likes of James Hunt, Jody Scheckter, and Gerhard Berger. He’s also been runner-up twice in the world championship and landed in third place just as many times. But, let’s be honest, that feels like a lifetime ago. For the past two seasons, Bottas has been limping along in Formula 1.

When he was with Mercedes, a 10-point haul during a Grand Prix weekend would’ve been a disappointment. Last season, though, that was his total score for Alfa Romeo (now back to being Sauber). Just that number alone paints a pretty grim picture of how tough Bottas’ season was. So, what were the highlights?

Looking Forward to Better Days

Bottas is hopeful, though. “I’d say the first race of the season was solid. We scored right off the bat, things were looking up. But then, well, it’s been a rough ride. We’ve scored a few times, but not nearly enough. So, I’m definitely hoping for more highlights next year with a new car,” he said.

The new year is just around the corner, and so are the winter tests. Sauber has a mountain of work ahead to ensure they perform well in ’24. If Bottas has his way, his car will see a lot of changes. “In this sport, with the margins we have, it’s everything. There’s nothing fundamental but the good thing is we do have a completely new car with some new ideas with new people in the team and that’s exactly what we need now. So we need to make big steps over the winter. That’s the key.”

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