Bottas, Zhou, Bravi React to Stake Car’s Unmissable Color

The Stake F1 Team, with drivers Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou, has unveiled their new poison green-coloured car, the C44, for the new Formula 1 season, receiving positive comments from the team and drivers about its fresh identity and high expectations.


‣ Stake F1 Team has unveiled their new car for the Formula 1 season, the C44, featuring a striking poison green colour, a significant change from last season’s red and black design.

‣ Team boss Alessandro Alunni Bravi and driver Valtteri Bottas both express high expectations for the C44, highlighting it as a tribute to the technical team’s work and a symbol of the team’s fresh identity and plans for progress.

‣ Driver Guanyu Zhou emphasizes the C44’s standout colour and design, indicating it represents an exciting new approach in Formula One, though he notes the team’s true competitive standing will only be clear once they face their rivals.

Last season was all about red and black. This time around, though, Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou are gearing up in something a bit more… vibrant. Yep, poison green. The Stake F1 Team decided to shake things up for the new Formula 1 season. And who better to unveil this neon dream than the drivers themselves, along with team boss Alessandro Alunni Bravi? It’s a bold move, for sure.

### Bravi and Bottas on Stake’s new car
So, here’s the scoop straight from the Stake team’s HQ. Bravi kicked things off. “We’re rolling out the C44,” he said, beaming. It’s not just any car; it’s a nod to the genius of James Key and his tech wizards. “A fresh identity,” Bravi added, “and we’re just getting started.” There’s a buzz in the air, a sense of anticipation for what’s to come, both on the track and off.

Bottas? He’s all in. The new season can’t come soon enough. “Last year was a bit of a letdown, to be honest,” he admitted. But that’s old news. “We’re aiming high this time. There’s a lot riding on the C44.”

### Zhou thinks the C44 stands out
And then there’s Zhou, eyes sparkling at the mention of the C44. “That color, right? It’s impossible to ignore!” he laughed. Formula One’s about to get a dose of excitement, courtesy of Stake’s latest creation. But Zhou’s keeping his feet on the ground. “It’s all speculation until we see how we stack up against the competition,” he pointed out. Wise words.

The C44 is a departure from last year’s model, the C43. It’s not just the performance metrics or the aerodynamics. It’s that color. Zhou wasn’t kidding. The Stake team’s new livery is a head-turner, making a statement before the race even begins.

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Albert Ramirez
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