Brazil GP & FIA receive steward’s orders for fan misconduct

Fans trespassed the track in Brazil after the race, leading to a major investigation and the organisers needing to present a report on safety measures by 30 January 2024, with the FIA determining if the steps taken are sufficient for future races.


‣ Investigation following fan trespassing at Brazil Grand Prix
‣ Organisers in Sao Paulo must improve safety measures by January 30, 2024
‣ FIA will determine if steps taken are sufficient, possible additional sanctions for promoter
‣ Required report from organisers and potential further investigation from FIA World Motorsport Council

After the Brazilian Grand Prix, there were troubling scenes with fans trespassing the track. According to a statement by the stewards, a thorough investigation is set to take place to address this issue. The FIA has emphasized the seriousness of the situation and has called for immediate action from the Sao Paulo Grand Prix organizers.

The stewards have made it clear that they take this breach of security seriously and have called for the organizers in Sao Paulo to report on the safety measures in place for future races. An official report detailing necessary steps to prevent such incidents before the next Brazilian Grand Prix must be submitted by January 30, 2024.

Both the organizers and the stewards are urging the FIA to intervene in ensuring that appropriate measures are implemented to avoid similar risks in the future. Additionally, the incident will be reviewed by the FIA World Motorsport Council for further investigation, potentially leading to sanctions for the promoter.

The FIA has responded to the incident by recognizing the severity of the situation and ensuring a comprehensive investigation to prevent such breaches of safety and security in future races. The outcome of this investigation will determine the necessary actions and sanctions to be implemented to avoid any similar incidents at future races.

Source: FIA”

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