Briatore Questions Hamilton’s Ability to Outpace Leclerc

Lewis Hamilton is set to drive for Ferrari from 2025, but former team boss Flavio Briatore criticizes his current performance and doubts his ability to outperform teammate Charles Leclerc, attributing Hamilton’s and Ferrari’s struggles primarily to their cars’ competitiveness.


– ‣ From 2025, Lewis Hamilton is set to drive for Ferrari, a move discussed by former team boss Flavio Briatore, who currently views both Hamilton and the Ferrari car as not strong.
– ‣ Lewis Hamilton’s current performance is underwhelming, with finishes behind his teammate George Russell and not being fast enough to compete for top positions in recent races.
– ‣ Flavio Briatore criticizes Hamilton’s effort when driving a non-competitive car and predicts Hamilton will struggle to outperform Charles Leclerc at Ferrari.
– ‣ Despite criticizing Hamilton and the Ferrari team’s current performance, Briatore acknowledges the need for Ferrari to improve their car, indicating no driver can bridge the performance gap with the current vehicle.

In 2025, we’re gonna see Lewis Hamilton sporting Ferrari red. That’s the buzz around town, thanks to Flavio Briatore, the ex-big boss at Benetton and Renault. But here’s the kicker: Briatore’s not exactly throwing confetti about it. He’s kinda skeptical about Hamilton’s current mojo and the Ferrari machine’s vroom-vroom.

Right now, Hamilton’s not exactly setting the track on fire. His Mercedes? Not the speed demon it once was, leaving him lagging behind the pack. Even George Russell, his own teammate, is zooming past. Hamilton’s scoreboard? Seventh in Bahrain, ninth in Saudi Arabia. Ouch, right?

‘If the car is not good enough, Hamilton does little about it.’ That’s Briatore, slicing through the airwaves on Rai Sport. He’s seen legends like Schumacher and Alonso do their magic. But Hamilton? Briatore reckons the 39-year-old will be eating Charles Leclerc’s dust at Ferrari. “Leclerc’s quick, underrated even. Hamilton’s gonna have a tough time outpacing him.”

And then, Briatore twists the knife a bit more. According to him, Hamilton’s not the type to hustle hard when the car’s a dud. So, don’t expect him to turn the Ferrari around if it’s lagging. But wait, there’s a silver lining. Briatore admits Ferrari’s ride isn’t top-notch right now. Yet, he tosses a bone Hamilton’s way. Despite Ferrari being second in the championship, it’s not their style. They gotta up their game, car-wise. Because, let’s face it, even a wizard behind the wheel can’t bridge certain gaps.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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