Briatore Says Hiring Batman Useless if Car Fails to Perform

Lewis Hamilton‘s unexpected transfer to Ferrari, finalised for 2025, surprised many including former team principal Flavio Briatore, despite Hamilton’s previous desire to end his career at Mercedes, highlighting the significance of having a competitive car for success in Formula 1.


‣ Lewis Hamilton’s unexpected transfer to Ferrari, marking a significant shift from his previously stated desire to end his Formula 1 career at Mercedes.

‣ February 1 is recognized as a historical day in Formula 1, with Hamilton’s move to Ferrari being finalized for the 2025 season, where he will compete as a seven-time world champion.

‣ Concerns about Ferrari’s current car performance, highlighting that despite qualifying well, the car struggles to win races consistently, emphasizing the importance of having a competitive vehicle.

‣ Lewis Hamilton’s thoughtful decision-making process, as evidenced by his successful switch from McLaren to Mercedes, suggesting his move to Ferrari was also made with careful consideration.

Lewis Hamilton’s leap to Ferrari? Yeah, that threw us all for a loop. The guy’s 39, British, and had been pretty vocal about hanging up his helmet at Mercedes. But, plot twist, he’s changed his tune. Flavio Briatore, the big boss at Benetton and Renault back in the day, reckons Lewis had his reasons.

Mark your calendars, folks. February 1 is now a red-letter day in Formula 1 history. After what felt like eons of gossip and negotiations, Hamilton’s Ferrari deal is locked in. Starting 2025, he’ll be gunning for glory with the Scuderia.

Now, onto the juicy bit. The Ferrari car? It’s kinda in the doghouse right now. Briatore, who’s seen legends like Schumacher and Alonso come and go, was caught off-guard by Hamilton’s move. Chatting with LaPresse, he was like, “Hamilton jumping ship to Ferrari? Didn’t see that coming. But hey, good luck to him and the team.” He’s puzzled, though. Hamilton and Mercedes were tight. This new chapter? It’s anyone’s guess.

But here’s the kicker. Ferrari’s ride isn’t exactly top of the pops at the moment. Sure, it struts its stuff in qualifying, but when it’s crunch time? Nada. Zip. Zilch in the win department. Briatore’s two cents? It’s all about the car. You could have a superhero behind the wheel, but if the car’s a dud, what’s the point?

Hamilton, though, he’s not one to make rash decisions. His jump from McLaren to Mercedes raised eyebrows too, but look how that turned out. Six world titles in 11 years. The man knows what he’s doing. So, while his Ferrari move has us scratching our heads, history shows he’s got a knack for making the right call.

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