British Grand Prix Secures Extended Formula One Contract

George Russell and Lando Norris announced on X (formerly Twitter) that the British Grand Prix will remain on the F1 calendar until 2034, thanks to a new 10-year contract with Silverstone.


‣ The British Grand Prix will continue to be a part of the F1 calendar, thanks to a new 10-year contract ensuring its presence until 2034.

‣ George Russell and Lando Norris announced the extension of the British GP at Silverstone through a video posted on the circuit’s X account.

‣ Silverstone has hosted the British GP consistently since 1987, with the first F1 GP taking place there in 1950.

Big news, folks! The British Grand Prix isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Over on X, George Russell alongside Lando Norris spilled the beans. They’ve got a shiny new 10-year contract locked down.

So, here’s the scoop. Russell and Norris teamed up for a little show-and-tell. They popped up in a video right from Silverstone’s own X-account. And boy, did they look chuffed to share some juicy details. The caption alone was a teaser, hinting at something big.

“Blimey,” Russell kicks things off. He’s right there, at the heart of Silverstone. With a quick call to Norris, they dive into the big reveal. The signs around them couldn’t be clearer – Silverstone and F1 are sticking together like tea and biscuits.

What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, this new ten-year agreement means the British GP will grace Silverstone till 2034. That’s a lot of races, my friends. Remember, Silverstone’s been the home of the British GP since ’87. But the track’s history with F1? It dates way back to 1950.

And there you have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth – or should I say, drivers’ tweets? Russell and Norris couldn’t contain their excitement. Neither can we. Here’s to many more thrilling races at Silverstone. Cheers to that!

Oh, and before I forget – there’s a tweet you might wanna check out. It’s got all the deets, straight from Silverstone’s feed. Give it a look, why don’t you? Might just make your day a tad more exciting.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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