British media’s reaction to Hamilton’s disqualification

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes narrowly missed out on a Grand Prix victory in the United States, but Hamilton was subsequently disqualified due to his car failing the floor test, which has caused controversy and raised concerns about the fairness of the sport.


‣ Lewis Hamilton disqualified from US Grand Prix due to floor test failure
‣ The DailyMail gives prominence to the news, highlighting the controversial timing of the decision
‣ BBC Sport notes the confusion caused by Mercedes’ disqualification and the impact on their upgraded car
‣ Sky Sports F1 highlights the consequences for Hamilton’s championship hopes and Sergio Perez‘s position
‣ The Mirror raises concerns about the fairness of the sport and the inconsistency in inspections.

Lewis Hamilton’s pursuit of victory in the United States Grand Prix came to an abrupt end as his car failed the floor test, leading to his disqualification from the race. The news made significant waves in the British media, with outlets like the DailyMail and BBC Sport providing their analysis of the incident.

The DailyMail, known for its coverage of British successes in sports, highlighted Hamilton’s disqualification as its lead story, describing it as a “controversy” and emphasizing the delayed decision by the FIA. Notably, the article also made mention of Prince Harry’s presence at the event, sharing a seemingly jovial moment with Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

BBC Sport, on the other hand, focused on the impact of Hamilton’s disqualification on the overall picture of the race. They noted that it has become difficult to draw conclusions about the upgrades made by Mercedes due to the disqualification. Despite this setback, Mercedes remained convinced that they had made progress with their upgraded car.

Sky Sports F1 (UK branch) didn’t have the opportunity to cover the disqualification on-air but featured a detailed explanation of the events on their website. They pointed out the implications of the disqualification on Hamilton’s pursuit of Sergio Perez in the drivers’ standings and the sizable advantage Perez now holds.

The Mirror weighed in on the fairness of the sport, raising concerns about the inspection process. The paper highlighted that only four cars underwent the “physical floor and plank wear inspection,” leaving 13 cars that completed the race without the same scrutiny. With a 50 percent fail rate among the inspected cars, this discrepancy raises concerns.

Overall, the disqualification of Lewis Hamilton from the United States Grand Prix made headlines in the British media. Multiple outlets provided their perspectives on the incident, highlighting various aspects such as controversy, implications, and fairness in the sport.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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