Brundle: Oscar Piastri Sharpens Lando Norris Up

Martin Brundle believes that Lando Norris is affected by Oscar Piastri‘s earlier Formula 1 victory and that Piastri’s arrival has made Norris more competitive, but maintains that Norris still has the edge in terms of tyre management.


‣ Martin Brundle believes that Lando Norris is affected by the fact that Oscar Piastri has scored a victory in Formula 1 before him.
‣ Brundle suggests that Piastri’s arrival has made Norris sharper and more competitive.
‣ He predicts that McLaren’s new wind tunnel will not pay off until 2025, but they could still achieve success if they manage other aspects well.
‣ Despite Piastri’s impressive performance as a rookie, Brundle asserts that Norris still has the edge in terms of tyre management.

Martin Brundle has some thoughts on Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri. He reckons Norris might be a tad bothered that Piastri has already claimed a sprint victory in Formula 1 before him. Brundle, who used to be a racing driver and is now the face of Sky Sports, also feels that Piastri’s entry into the scene has sharpened Norris up a bit.

“Let’s not forget that Oscar Piastri won the Sprint race in Qatar. He did it in style, even with Max breathing down his neck,” Brundle pointed out. He also believes that McLaren has a shot at winning world titles again in the future.

However, he added, “I don’t think their new wind tunnel will really start showing results until 2025. But if they manage to get everything else right…”

Brundle went on to say, “McLaren’s new wind tunnel might not bring in big rewards until 2025. But if they can pull everything else together… And let’s not forget, a couple of years back, there was a sequence of three races [Italy and Russia 2021] where Lando could’ve won all three. So, victory is within reach. He must be gutted that it was Piastri who crossed the finish line first.”

When it comes to Norris and Piastri, it’s a bit of a toss-up. Some might argue that Norris is currently the better of the two. Piastri showed promise as a rookie in 2023, especially in terms of speed. But when it comes to managing tyres, Norris still has the upper hand over his less experienced Australian teammate.

“Oscar Piastri has really pushed Lando Norris to up his game. Now that Piastri has arrived, as a rookie, he’s delivering high speeds through the really challenging corners and some impressive results. He’s made some rookie errors too, but I think that’s really driven both drivers on. It’s probably just what Lando needed. I think in the second half of the season, Lando Norris has been outstanding,” Brundle concluded in his chat with Sky Sports.

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