Bumpy COTA Causing Disqualifications: Long-Requested Issue

Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and Lando Norris are all complaining about the bumpy asphalt at Circuit of the Americas and are requesting changes to be made, as it is causing difficulties and a loss of downforce in their F1 cars.


‣ Circuit of the Americas is very bumpy and drivers are asking for a change to be made.
‣ Higher tuning of cars to ride over the bumps has resulted in a loss of downforce in F1 cars.
‣ Verstappen, Hamilton, and Norris have all complained about the bumpy track.
‣ Hamilton suggests that improvements can and should be made soon, while Norris mentions potential small changes that can be made.

The Circuit of the Americas, hosting the US Grand Prix, has become a topic of discussion among drivers due to its bumpy asphalt. Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and Lando Norris all expressed their concerns after the race in Austin. The condition of the tarmac has forced F1 teams to make adjustments to their cars, causing a loss of downforce. This issue is not exclusive to Verstappen, as Hamilton also voiced his agreement, stating that while he appreciates some bumps adding character to a circuit, there are simply too many at COTA.

In a post-race press conference, Verstappen suggested that resurfacing the track is necessary because it currently feels more suited for a rally car rather than an F1 car. He emphasized the need for smoother asphalt and expressed his disappointment that despite years of requests, no improvements have been made. Hamilton echoed Verstappen’s sentiment and expressed his willingness to engage in discussions with the track’s owners, acknowledging that a full resurfacing could require substantial time and investment, but improvements should still be made in the near future.

Norris, however, does not believe that a complete resurfacing is necessary. He suggests that small changes, such as not incorporating tarmac in braking zones, could greatly improve the track. Norris also revealed that he had heard plans for resurfacing the first sector of the track in the following year which he hopes will lead to a better overall experience.

The bumpy asphalt at Circuit of the Americas has become a serious concern for drivers, affecting their cars’ performance. Verstappen, Hamilton, and Norris are all calling for improvements, whether through complete resurfacing or smaller changes within specific areas of the track. It remains to be seen how the management of the circuit will address these concerns and provide a smoother racing experience for F1 drivers in the future.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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