Button Praises Hamilton’s Bravery for Not Just Switching Teams

Lewis Hamilton‘s unexpected transfer from Mercedes to Ferrari has shocked the Formula 1 world, including his former teammate Jenson Button, who considers the move brave and significant for the sport.


‣ Lewis Hamilton’s unexpected switch to Ferrari from Mercedes, despite having extended his contract through 2025, has shocked the Formula 1 world.

‣ Jenson Button, the 2009 world champion and Hamilton’s former teammate, expressed his surprise at the transfer, highlighting its massive impact on the sport.

‣ Hamilton’s departure from Mercedes marks the end of a highly successful partnership that saw him win six world championships and achieve the most wins and pole positions of any driver in history.

‣ Button admires Hamilton’s bravery for moving to Ferrari, a team with a different cultural and linguistic environment, emphasizing the significance of the move for both Hamilton and Formula 1.

Wow, Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari? That’s a jaw-dropper. I mean, who saw that coming? Especially after he just renewed his vows with Mercedes till 2025. Even Jenson Button, Hamilton’s old racing buddy, was caught off guard. He spilled the beans to Sky Sports, saying it’s a huge deal for Formula 1.

“I’m surprised, yeah,” Button admitted. He reckons if Lewis had stuck with Mercedes, win or lose, it would’ve been business as usual. But this? This switch to Ferrari is a game-changer. Hamilton and Mercedes? They were like peanut butter and jelly for over ten years. Six world championships together? That’s not just luck; that’s legendary. The guy’s set records left, right, and center with the Silver Arrows.

Button’s Take: Hamilton’s Bold Move

Button’s tipping his hat to Hamilton, calling him brave. “He’s not just hopping teams; he’s diving into the deep end with Ferrari,” he said. Imagine, Hamilton’s stepping into a world where Italian is the lingua franca, and he’s not fluent. That’s Charles Leclerc‘s playground. Button’s buzzing about it, and honestly, it’s a breath of fresh air for F1 fans everywhere.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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