Can Red Bull Achieve Invincibility? It’s Too Early to Say

During Red Bull Racing’s dominant season last year, they won 21 out of 22 Formula 1 races, with Max Verstappen winning 19 and Sergio Perez winning 2, only missing out on victory in Singapore, and while Daniel Ricciardo believes the team will continue to win races with their new car, he remains skeptical about them achieving an unbeaten season.


‣ Red Bull Racing had a dominant season last year, winning 21 out of 22 races in the Formula 1 calendar, with Sergio Perez winning two and Max Verstappen winning the remaining 19.

‣ The only race Red Bull did not win last season was in Singapore, where Carlos Sainz Jr. outperformed Verstappen and Perez.

‣ Daniel Ricciardo, a driver for Visa Cash App RB, acknowledges Red Bull’s potential for strong performances from Verstappen and Perez this season but remains cautious about predicting an unbeaten season.

‣ Ricciardo believes that while Red Bull will likely continue to win races with their new car, the unpredictable nature of Formula 1 makes it too early to consider them unbeatable.

Last year, Red Bull Racing was nearly unstoppable. They missed victory in just one race out of the entire Formula 1 season. Imagine that! With a whopping 22 races on the calendar, they clinched 21 wins. Sergio Perez contributed two of those victories, while Max Verstappen snagged the lion’s share with 19.

But, oh, Singapore. That was the one that got away. Carlos Sainz outmaneuvered both Verstappen and Perez at the Marina Bay Circuit, leaving Red Bull with that tiny blemish on their record. Now, the big question looms: Can they pull off a flawless season this time around? Even Daniel Ricciardo, who’s seen his fair share of ups and downs with Visa Cash App RB, is scratching his head over that one. Sure, he’s banking on stellar performances from Verstappen and Perez, but an undefeated season? That’s a tall order.

Ricciardo Weighs In

Ricciardo’s got his eyes on the new car Red Bull’s rolling out. “It’s a beast,” he might as well have said. But he’s not ready to bet his last dollar on its absolute dominance. Not yet. “Win races? Absolutely,” he says. But to sweep the season? Even for Red Bull, that’s stepping into uncharted territory.

The Aussie’s take is pretty grounded. “Unbeatable? Hmm, let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” he suggests. After all, if there’s one thing you can bet on in Formula 1, it’s its unpredictability. Ricciardo’s betting on a strong showing from Red Bull, but he knows better than to call it this early in the game. And honestly, isn’t that uncertainty part of what keeps us all glued to our screens, race after race?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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