Carlos Sainz Sr. Gives Son Advice on Considering This F1 Team

Carlos Sainz senior, a four-time Dakar Rally winner, has hinted at the possibility of his son, Carlos Sainz junior, who currently has an expiring contract with Ferrari, joining Audi’s Formula 1 project in 2026, stating that Audi is a serious contender in the motorsport world.


‣ Carlos Sainz senior recently won the Dakar Rally for the fourth time, this time with Audi, which is shifting its focus to Formula 1 from 2026.
‣ The Stake F1 Team will become Audi’s factory team in 2026, but it is still unknown who will be driving for them.
‣ Carlos Sainz junior, who currently has an expiring contract with Ferrari, is reportedly being considered by Audi for their Formula 1 project.
‣ Carlos Sainz senior confirmed that he and his son have discussed the possibility of the younger Sainz moving to Audi F1, and emphasized the respect they have for Audi’s approach to motorsport.

Carlos Sainz Sr. recently popped the champagne. Fourth time’s the charm, right? He snagged another Dakar Rally win. This time, he was behind the wheel of an Audi.

At 61, he’s still got it.

And Audi? They’re shifting gears. They’re setting their sights on Formula 1. By 2026, they’ll be backing the Stake F1 Team. But who’ll be in the driver’s seat? That’s still up in the air. Maybe Carlos Sainz Jr. will take the wheel?

Sainz Jr.’s contract with Ferrari is on its last legs. Rumor has it, the Italians want to keep him around. Word on the street is that Sainz Jr. is gunning for a longer contract. Meanwhile, Audi’s lurking in the shadows. They’re reportedly eyeing Sainz Jr. as the face of their F1 project.

Is Sainz Jr. Audi-bound?

Papa Sainz was put on the spot at the Dakar press conference. Had he chatted with his son about a potential move to Audi F1? His answer was a resounding yes. “With Carlos at home and me in the Audi family, it’s only natural we’d talk about Audi’s future,” he admitted.

According to the rally champ, Audi’s F1 project is one to watch. All drivers, not just his son, should be on their toes. “Audi’s a sure thing. They’re serious about their projects. They’re bringing their German precision to motorsport, for better or worse. We’ve got to respect the Volkswagen Group and Audi,” Sainz Sr. insisted.

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