Carlos Sainz Surprised by Keeping Pace with Red Bull

Carlos Sainz secured a third-place finish at the Bahrain Grand Prix, outperforming his Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc, who struggled with brake issues, and expressed optimism about Ferrari’s potential for the season based on his competitive pace against Red Bull.


‣ Carlos Sainz secured a podium finish at the Bahrain Grand Prix, finishing third and demonstrating aggressive racing tactics to outperform his Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc.

‣ Despite expectations for Charles Leclerc to lead, he faced brake issues during the race, while Sainz managed his tyres well and was surprised by his ability to keep up with Sergio Perez‘s Red Bull.

‣ Sainz expressed optimism about Ferrari’s performance, noting improvements with the hard tyres and their strategy flexibility, but remained cautious about predicting future success as the season progresses to different circuits.

Carlos Sainz snagged a podium spot at the Bahrain Grand Prix, finishing third. Right ahead of his teammate, Charles Leclerc. The Spaniard was all fire on the track, making some bold moves that really showed what he’s made of at Ferrari. By the end, seeing his speed rival that of Sergio Perez’s Red Bull was a sweet moment for Sainz.

Now, most folks probably thought Charles Leclerc would be Ferrari’s frontrunner this season. But, alas, brake issues were a thorn in his side throughout the race. Post-race, chatting with David Coulthard, Sainz was all smiles. “I felt really good out there today,” he said. The start? Not what he hoped for. But managing the tyres and overtaking a couple of cars? That went pretty well. “Keeping up with the Red Bull was a pleasant surprise,” he added. They had a plan, especially with the hard tyres. Tricky to warm up, sure, and they had to watch out for front locking. But once they got going, they could really push. Strategy was their playground today.

### Building on the performance

When quizzed about whether Ferrari could keep up this momentum, Sainz played it cool. “Let’s see,” he mused. Every circuit brings its own surprises, after all. He’s betting on the teams that excelled in high-speed sections to shine again. But with Ferrari’s improvements? “Hopefully, we can be good there too,” he said, hopeful yet cautious.

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