Cassidy Stays Focused Ahead of Unpredictable São Paulo E-Prix Championship

Nick Cassidy, after switching to Jaguar, leads the Formula E season with a 19-point advantage and aims to maintain his strong performance, while his teammate Mitch Evans and other competitors like Pascal Wehrlein and Nyck de Vries look to challenge his lead in the upcoming Sao Paulo E-Prix.


‣ Nick Cassidy has emerged as a significant challenger in the Formula E season, leading the championship with a 19-point advantage over Pascal Wehrlein, following his switch from Envision Racing to Jaguar.

‣ Cassidy aims to maintain his strong performance, leveraging his experience and the proven capabilities of the Jaguar powertrain on the São Paulo street circuit, where he finished second last season.

‣ The performance of Mitch Evans and Pascal Wehrlein, along with their respective teams, will be crucial in the upcoming São Paulo E-Prix, as they seek to close the gap in the championship standings and demonstrate their competitiveness.

‣ Nyck de Vries is optimistic about improving his performance in the Formula E season, focusing on better understanding, structures, and processes within his team, as he prepares for his debut race in Brazil, a country with a rich motorsport heritage.

Oh, the Formula E season’s unfolding pretty much as everyone guessed, huh? Nick Cassidy, that guy from New Zealand, has been turning heads. After hopping over from Envision Racing to Jaguar, he’s been on fire. Three races in, and he’s sitting pretty with a 19-point lead. Sao Paulo’s E-Prix this Saturday is up next, and the buzz is real.

Cassidy, before the season kicked off, wasn’t shy about his ambitions. Chatting with GPblog, he made it clear: he’s here for the title, nothing less. Last season’s near-miss has him hungry. “Dream start to Season 10,” he said, all smiles about his podium streak. Brazil’s race? He’s eyeing it with a mix of excitement and confidence.

### Cassidy wants to maintain good form
Last season was a nail-biter, with the top three drivers finishing within a second of each other. All powered by Jaguar, which says something about their tech on street circuits. Cassidy’s got his eyes on the prize, remembering his P2 finish in São Paulo last year. “This championship can be very unpredictable,” he admits, but he’s riding a wave of confidence into the weekend.

Jaguar’s the team with targets on their backs this Saturday. Mitch Evans, Cassidy’s teammate, knows the stakes. He’s chasing that win to keep up in the championship race. “São Paulo was my first win of 2023,” he recalls, a turning point for the team. The track, the fans, the atmosphere—it’s all a perfect storm for a comeback.

### Where do Wehrlein and Porsche stand?
Now, let’s talk about the competition. Wehrlein kicked off the season with a bang in Mexico but hit a snag in Saudi Arabia. The question on everyone’s mind: Was Mexico a fluke, or is there more to come from him and Porsche? Edoardo Mortara and Nyck de Vries are also in the mix, looking to bounce back from a rough start. De Vries, in particular, is itching for a turnaround after a less-than-stellar F1 stint.

### De Vries makes debut in Brazil
De Vries is all geared up for Brazil, his first race there. The break since Saudi Arabia has been a boon, giving the team a chance to regroup and refine. “We’re making progress,” he says, hopeful about the direction they’re heading. South America’s motorsport passion excites him, and Brazil’s rich racing heritage adds to the allure. “It’s definitely a cool venue,” he concludes, eager to hit the track.

So, there you have it. The stage is set for an electrifying race in São Paulo. With the championship heating up, every turn, every lap counts. Let’s see how this chapter of the Formula E saga unfolds.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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