Challenged US GP Result: Possible Consequences for Perez

The Formula 1 teams of Red Bull Racing, Aston Martin and Williams have been called to a virtual hearing on Wednesday where Haas F1 has raised objections about drivers allegedly exceeding track limits, claiming that this could result in significant penalties and affect the results of the race.


‣ Formula 1 teams have been called for a virtual hearing by the FIA
‣ The US Grand Prix results are in question due to Haas’ objection.
‣ Haas has prepared a 28-page dossier to support their case
‣ If Haas is vindicated, it could result in major penalties for drivers, with Perez being most affected.

The Formula 1 teams of Red Bull Racing, Aston Martin and Williams have been informed by the FIA that they are required to attend a virtual hearing on Wednesday at 15:00 CET due to Haas F1 invoking their right to review. If Haas claims are validated and extra penalties are handed out, this could have significant implications for several drivers. Racing Point’s Sergio Perez may be particularly affected. The allegations stem from violations and track limits being possibly exceeded without being recorded during the recent GP in the United States.

A 28-page dossier prepared by Haas argues that track limits were repeatedly exceeded at turn six of the Circuit of the Americas without the associated violations being penalized. This may potentially have resulted in drivers receiving undue advantages. Allegations about Alexander Albon‘s behavior were brought to stewards’ attention, but no action was taken due to insufficient evidence to conclude that violations occurred consistently.

The main focus is on turn six of the Circuit of the Americas, and a ruling suggesting retroactive penalties were to be imposed for surpassing track limits at that turn would significantly alter the outcome of the race. Drivers in the top three positions during the United States GP, namely Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, and Carlos Sainz, would remain unaffected, as they didn’t commit the alleged offenses. However, it is still uncertain whether Haas has presented sufficient new evidence to prompt a review.

Should Haas’ claims be substantiated, drivers would face severe penalties, with Sergio Perez encountering potential time penalties amounting to 18 five-second penalties, causing him to lose his fourth place finish. This change would elevate George Russell, Pierre Gasly, Yuki Tsunoda, Nico Hulkenberg, Valtteri Bottas, and Logan Sargeant in the race rankings.

The United States GP results might be altered, resulting in a completely transformed standings. Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc were initially disqualified due to regulations regarding the worn plank under their car. The following were the original results:
1. Max Verstappen
2. Lando Norris
3. Carlos Sainz
4. Sergio Perez
5. George Russell
6. Pierre Gasly
7. Lance Stroll
8. Yuki Tsunoda
9. Alexander Albon
10. Logan Sargeant

If Haas’ claim is upheld, the new results would be:
1. Max Verstappen
2. Lando Norris
3. Carlos Sainz
4. George Russell
5. Pierre Gasly
6. Yuki Tsunoda
7. Nico Hulkenberg
8. Valtteri Bottas
9. Logan Sargeant
10. Sergio Perez

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