Chandhok surprised by Mercedes: A worry for next year

Mercedes had a disastrous Brazilian Grand Prix, they need to figure out the source of their sporadically fluctuating performances, and get a better understanding if they want to have stable competitive seasons.”


Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Mercedes team experienced disastrous race
– Mercedes team is struggling to understand and address the cause of their inconsistent performance
– Critics and analysts believe that Mercedes does not have a clear understanding on why their performance fluctuates
– McLaren’s situation is cited as an example for how a team can improve and move forward with upgrades and consistent performance

The Mercedes team, which has had great success in the past, including a win at this venue two seasons ago, experienced a dreadful Brazilian Grand Prix. They performed like a midfield team, with Lewis Hamilton unable to match Alpine’s speed on the track, leaving many scratching their heads. According to Sky’s F1 analyst Karun Chandhok, there’s a lack of understanding among the team about their inconsistent performance.
Chandhok expressed surprise over the poor performance of Mercedes, saying, “If you came to a track and went, we know we’re going to struggle here. We know we’re going to be weak here. We’ll take it on the chin. That’s fine. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. They seem to have no clear understanding of why the highs are the highs and the lows are the lows. I think that is a worry going into next year.”
Comparing Mercedes to McLaren’s comeback, he highlighted that McLaren had vocalized their struggles and worked to improve. He expressed that the lack of a clear path forward for the Mercedes team causes confusion: “It’s just confusing.” Overall, Mercedes’ performance did not live up to expectations, indicating broader issues within the team that need addressing moving forward.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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