Christian Horner Denies Allegations at Red Bull Car Launch

Christian Horner, the Red Bull Racing team boss, denies allegations of inappropriate behavior, expressing gratitude for the support from his team and family, and looks forward to the 2024 Formula 1 season amidst an ongoing investigation.


– ‣ Christian Horner, the Red Bull Racing team boss, denies allegations of inappropriate behaviour and has received significant support from his team and family.
– ‣ Despite the investigation into the allegations, Horner participated in the launch of Red Bull’s 2024 Formula 1 car, the RB20, expressing pride in the team’s achievements and looking forward to the upcoming season.
– ‣ Horner was interviewed by an independent lawyer regarding the claims and emphasized the process is private and ongoing, with no set timeline for a conclusion.
– ‣ Red Bull Racing is preparing for the 2024 Formula 1 season, aiming for a third consecutive World Championship title and a fourth consecutive drivers’ title for Max Verstappen.

Christian Horner’s been in the spotlight recently, and not just for racing. He’s facing some pretty serious allegations. But, he’s not alone. His team and family are right there with him, offering support through thick and thin. Horner’s stance? He’s denying everything. And he’s looking forward to the 2024 Formula 1 season with a kind of eagerness.

At the Red Bull factory in Milton Keynes, Horner got candid. It was during a chat with GPblog and a few others. The occasion? The launch of Red Bull’s 2024 Formula 1 car, the RB20. Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and Horner himself were all there. There’d been whispers, you see. People wondered if Horner would show, given the investigation. But there he was, on stage, all positivity about his team and their 2024 ambitions.

Horner found nothing odd about being there, despite the buzz. “No, not at all,” he said. He’s proud, incredibly so, of what the team’s achieved over nearly two decades. Launching their 20th car? That’s a milestone that excites him.

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Support from the Red Bull team

Last Friday was intense for Horner. An eight-hour grilling by an independent lawyer in London, all about his conduct. Through it all, the team’s stood by him. “I’ve had tremendous support,” he says. The shareholders, the team, everyone’s been behind him. He’s sticking to the process, hopeful for a swift conclusion. But for now, his lips are sealed.

The support’s been something else. Overwhelming, even. From the drivers to the partners, and not forgetting his family. His wife’s been a rock. Horner’s focus? It’s all about the job and the season ahead.

Red Bull’s gearing up for a big year. They launched their car last Thursday, eyeing a third consecutive World Championship title. Max Verstappen’s after his fourth drivers’ title. And in less than a week, they’ll be in Bahrain, testing for three days before the season kicks off with the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 2.

Since 2005, Horner’s been the man at the helm. Now, he’s waiting on the outcome of this investigation. There’s no telling when it’ll wrap up. “There’s no exact timeline,” he admits. It’s a private matter, after all. And so, we wait.

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