Competition Nears Red Bull: We Were Already Developing the RB20

Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner is not worried about the competition closing in on them, despite the team opting for fewer updates on this year’s car and focusing on next year’s car instead.


Lewis Hamilton managed to keep up with Max Verstappen in the American Grand Prix
‣ Other teams are getting closer to Red Bull Racing
‣ Red Bull opted for fewer updates on their car
‣ Despite this, Red Bull has managed to remain consistent and win races

The battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in the recent American Grand Prix was intense, with Hamilton managing to keep up with Verstappen on track. The competition was also strong during the practice sessions of the Mexican Grand Prix, with other teams showing significant improvement and closing the gap on Red Bull Racing. However, team boss Christian Horner remains unfazed by the growing competition.

During a press conference before the second free practice, Horner addressed the excitement at the front of the field, saying, “Well, it keeps moving around. I mean, Alex Albon stepped up this morning and he looked very racy. So, it keeps moving around behind us.” Horner’s confidence is evident, despite the improvements made by other teams.

One factor that could be contributing to Red Bull’s success is their decision to focus on future developments rather than making continual updates to their current car. Horner explained, “And of course, you have to remember that since the summer break, we’ve really added very little performance, if anything, to the car. With the wind tunnel restrictions that we’ve had, we’ve elected to use that on RB20, next year’s cars, as opposed to continuing the development on RB19.”

Even with a halt in the development of the RB19, Red Bull has managed to maintain their winning streak. However, Mercedes, McLaren, and Ferrari have been closing in on them. Horner acknowledged their strong performances, stating, “We’ve managed to be consistent at a whole variance of circuits. And it was great to get the win last weekend. It was great to win the sprint race in what has just been a truly remarkable season for us.”

Despite recent challenges, Red Bull Racing remains confident in their abilities and their future developments. As Horner emphasized, “Whatever we do now, we don’t learn and apply for next year.” The possibility of RB20, next year’s car, being even better than its predecessor gives Red Bull fans something to look forward to in the upcoming seasons.

In conclusion, while the competition is getting closer to Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner reassures fans that he is not worried. Red Bull’s decision to focus on future developments instead of updates to the RB19 seems to be paying off, but they are aware of the improvements made by other teams. The upcoming seasons hold promise for Red Bull with the potential of RB20, next year’s car, being even stronger.

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