Coulthard trusts Liberty Media’s plans for Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas GP is a highly anticipated addition to the 2023 F1 calendar and is expected to be a big extravagant party organized entirely by Formula 1 itself.


‣ The addition of the Las Vegas GP to the 2023 F1 calendar is significant and has high hopes for the weekend
‣ The race will mark the third F1 race in the United States in 2023, showing how the US is becoming an important location for the sport’s growth
‣ Liberty Media has made significant investments in the event and believes that the addition of the Las Vegas GP is strategically important
‣ The Las Vegas GP will be a big extravagant party and will go through the heart of the city along The Strip, making it a unique and significant event for the city.

With the Las Vegas Grand Prix Sate to Premiere in 2023, F1 looks to gain footing in the United States as the sport continues to expand. This upcoming race will be the third event hosted in the US, following the Miami GP. Former F1 driver David Coulthard has high expectations for the weekend in Las Vegas. Discussing the race, he states, “This city is one of the biggest entertainment cities synonymous with big sports events like boxing, and the like, to have Formula 1 makes sense.”

The decision to bring the Las Vegas GP to life has been a strategic move, and Liberty Media, the US owner of F1, has made substantial investments in the event. Coulthard expressed full trust in Liberty Media, noting that the company “clearly has a much better understanding of an American audience.” With this momentum, Formula 1 is looking to establish a presence in the significant American market and bring in the extensive fan base that exists in the country.

Dubbed as a big extravagant party, the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix is expected to be a much-anticipated event. The race route will pass through the heart of the city along The Strip, offering a unique experience for both drivers and fans. When Coulthard was asked to compare the upcoming event to other races, he remarked, “Putting a Grand Prix in the heart of a city, the whole town becomes part of the race,” highlighting the excitement and energy that accompanies such races.

It’s clear that the Las Vegas GP has the potential to become an iconic event in the Formula 1 calendar, due to the city’s reputation as an entertainment capital and the host of numerous prominent sporting events. With its first-ever large-scale Formula 1 race in the 2023 calendar, Las Vegas will undoubtedly see an electric atmosphere filled with glamour and anticipation for the anticipated Grand Prix.

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