Coulthard’s Preferred Drivers if Verstappen is Unavailable

David Coulthard expressed his desire to see Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, former teammates at McLaren in 2007, compete against each other again in Formula 1, or alternatively, to see a young rookie learn from Hamilton.


‣ Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso were teammates in Formula 1, competing for McLaren in 2007, and their relationship was not smooth.
‣ David Coulthard expressed interest in seeing Hamilton and Alonso compete against each other again.
‣ In a hypothetical scenario, Coulthard would choose either to pair Hamilton with Alonso again or to pair him with a young, developing rookie for the future.
‣ The potential rookies Coulthard mentioned include Oscar Piastri, Lando Norris, George Russell, and Charles Leclerc.

Hamilton and Alonso, huh? They were teammates once, in Formula 1. Both world champs, they raced for McLaren back in 2007. It didn’t end well, to say the least. David Coulthard, though, he’d love to see them go head-to-head again. Equal footing, same material, all that jazz.

Coulthard was on this podcast, Formula for Success. They asked him about his dream team for Formula 1. The catch? No Max Verstappen. “I’d pick Lewis Hamilton, no doubt,” he said. And if money wasn’t a thing? He’d do one of two things.

What’s Coulthard thinking?

First option: “This is fantasy F1, right? I’d put Fernando next to Lewis. Just to see what happens. They didn’t exactly hit it off when they were teammates at McLaren. But now? Lewis is 38, 39. Fernando’s 42. How would it play out?”

Second option: “If not Fernando, I’d pick a rookie. Someone young, still learning. They could learn from Lewis. It could be Oscar [Piastri], Lando [Norris], George [Russell], Charles [Leclerc]. All great drivers, each one of ’em.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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