Croft Names Team Boss of the Year, Predicts Move to Top Team Within 4 Years

James Vowles, former director of motorsport strategy at Mercedes, moved to Williams as team boss in 2023, leading the team to a significant improvement in performance, earning him the title of “team boss of the year” from Sky Sports commentator David Croft, who predicts a promising future for Vowles in Formula 1.


‣ James Vowles, former director of motorsport strategy at Mercedes, moved to Williams in 2023 to serve as team boss and has significantly improved the team’s performance.
‣ The Williams team was sold to US investment firm Dorilton Capital in 2020, and after a series of leadership changes, Vowles was appointed team boss.
‣ Formula 1 commentator David Croft has praised Vowles’ work, naming him his “team boss of the year” for 2023 due to the impressive results achieved in a short time.
‣ Croft predicts a bright future for Vowles, suggesting he could become one of the top team principals in Formula 1 due to his understanding of marketing, engineering, strategies, drivers, and politics.

James Vowles, huh? He’s been in the motorsport strategy game for years, right at the top with Mercedes. But 2023? That’s when he shook things up. Moved over to Williams. Became the big boss. And boy, did he make a difference. The team’s performance? Skyrocketed. Midfield, here we come!

David Croft, the voice of Formula 1 for Sky Sports, he’s got something to say about it. On their podcast, he’s all praise for Vowles. Even calls him the team boss of the year. High praise, indeed.

But let’s rewind a bit. Back to 2020. Frank and Claire Williams, they sell the team. Who’s the buyer? Dorilton Capital, a US investment firm. Mid-year, Jost Capito steps in as the new boss. But, he’s out in a year and a half. Enter Vowles.

The decision? A home run. Sure, Williams was last in 2022. But 2023? Seventh place in the teams’ championship. Not too shabby, eh?

Croft’s got more to say. He’s floored by Vowles’ achievements in 2023. “My team boss of the year, no doubt,” he says. And the time frame? Just three months. That’s all Vowles had to whip up a plan. And the results? Instant.

Looking ahead, Croft’s got big predictions for Vowles. He sees him at the top, leading a top team in a few years. Why? Vowles gets it. Marketing, engineering, strategies, drivers, even politics. He’s got it all. Croft’s convinced Vowles is the future big boss. And he’s rooting for him. Deserves it, he says.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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