David Croft Misses First Grand Prix Since 2012 Sky Sports Debut

David Croft will miss three Grands Prix in 2024 to spend more time with his family and refresh himself, with Harry Benjamin set to replace him during his absence.


‣ David Croft will not commentate on all 24 Grands Prix for Sky Sports F1 in 2024, marking a change as he has not missed a race since joining Sky Sports in 2012.

‣ Croft’s decision to step away from commentating on three Grands Prix in 2024 is motivated by a desire to spend more time with his family, manage personal commitments like his upcoming wedding, and experience watching a race from a viewer’s perspective.

‣ Harry Benjamin is set to replace David Croft during his absence. Benjamin has experience with BBC Radio Five Live and has been involved with Netflix’s Drive to Survive and Sky’s F1 Juniors project in 2023.

David Croft, a name synonymous with F1 commentary on Sky Sports, is taking a step back in 2024. He’s been the voice of every race since 2012. Yet, after skipping pre-season testing in Bahrain, he’s set to miss three Grands Prix next year.

Which ones, you ask? Well, that’s still up in the air. But Crofty’s made it clear he’ll be in Bahrain for the upcoming Grand Prix. So, there’s that.

### Why David Croft will miss races for Sky Sports F1

Croft’s reasoning? It’s all about balance. “I’m not the spring chicken I used to be,” he quipped to The Independent. Years of relentless travel and career dedication have taken their toll. Now, he’s craving some downtime. Family time is on the agenda, especially with a wedding to plan. “Yes, I’m tying the knot!” he exclaimed. Plus, he’s curious. Watching a race from the couch, he wonders what he might notice without the pressure of live commentary.

The F1 calendar is a beast. Stretching from March to December, it’s packed with 24 races. Sky Sports has adapted, rotating its team to manage the load. Yet, Croft has been a constant, until now.

### Who will replace David Croft at Sky Sports F1?

Enter Harry Benjamin. This rising star, known for his work with BBC Radio Five Live and Netflix’s Drive to Survive, is stepping in. He’s not new to the scene, having lent his voice to Sky’s F1 Juniors project in 2023.

So, there you have it. Change is in the air for Sky Sports F1. Croft’s partial step back marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter. Let’s see what Benjamin brings to the table.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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