David Croft Sky Sports F1 Commentary Status 2024

David Croft is missing the F1 tests in Bahrain to spend time with his family but will return for the Bahrain Grand Prix, with Sky Sports F1 and F1TV commentators covering in his absence.


‣ David Croft is absent from the F1 tests in Bahrain and will not be commentating for Sky Sports F1 during the three test days, planning to return for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

‣ The Sky Sports commentary team for the pre-season testing includes Rachael Brookes, Anthony Davidson, and Ted Kravitz, with additional coverage from F1TV commentators like Alex Jacques, Jolyon Palmer, and Will Buxton.

‣ Croft has chosen to stay home during the February school holiday week to spend time with his family, as indicated by his Instagram post with the location “home”.

‣ Despite his absence, Croft has been a consistent presence at every race in 2023, and it’s uncertain if this will continue in 2024 with a 24-race calendar.

David Croft’s voice won’t echo through the F1 paddock in Bahrain this week. He’s skipping the pre-season tests. Instead, he’ll jump back into the commentary box for the Bahrain Grand Prix next weekend. Quite the shift, huh?

### Croft and Sky Sports F1
If you’re a regular on Sky Sports, you’ll notice something’s off. Croft, the 53-year-old commentary stalwart, isn’t there. This week, he’s missing in action. Taking his place? Rachael Brookes, Anthony Davidson, and Ted Kravitz are stepping up. And there’s a whisper that more voices might join the mix soon. Sky’s also shaking things up by bringing in F1TV commentators for a bit of a tag team effort. Alex Jacques, Jolyon Palmer, and Will Buxton will cover half the sessions. The Sky squad will tackle the rest. A neat little partnership, that.

### Why is David Croft not commentating on F1 testing?
Now, why’s Croft playing hooky? He dropped a hint on Instagram, tagging his location as “home.” Turns out, he’s chosen family time over F1 this February school holiday week. But don’t worry, he’s not going cold turkey. He’ll be glued to the Sky coverage from his couch and plans to jet off to Bahrain next week. In 2023, Croft was a fixture at every race. But with a packed 24-race calendar looming in 2024, who knows if he’ll keep up that streak? Oh, and just for a dash of personal trivia – he recently whisked his partner, Laura Bradley, away for a Maldives getaway. Lucky them, right?

So, there you have it. A bit of a shake-up in the F1 commentary world, but it sounds like Croft’s got it all figured out. Family first, then back to the high-octane world of Formula 1. Can’t wait to hear his take on the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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