De Vries Responds to Criticism: Make Your Own Party

In 2023, Nyck de Vries was replaced mid-season in his first full Formula 1 season due to underperformance, with Daniel Ricciardo taking his place, but De Vries defended his performance and stated his intention to continue his career in other classes.


‣ Nyck de Vries was replaced in the middle of his first full Formula 1 season in 2023 due to underperformance.
‣ De Vries was the only driver from the 2023 season who failed to score any points.
‣ Daniel Ricciardo, who replaced De Vries, gained six more points and was briefly injured during the season.
‣ Despite the criticism, De Vries stated that he doesn’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone and will continue his career in other classes.

2023 kicked off with Nyck de Vries all set for his debut Formula 1 season. But, oh boy, things didn’t go as planned. Mid-season, he found himself booted from his car. Underperformance, they said. Daniel Ricciardo took his place.

De Vries’ driving? Not exactly awe-inspiring. The only driver in the 2023 season to not score a single point. That’s right, not one. Ricciardo, the guy who replaced him, managed to bag six more. He’s an Aussie, always cracking jokes. Got injured during the season, though. Liam Lawson stepped in for a bit.

De Vries shrugs off criticism

De Vries had something to say about the flak he’s been getting. “Easy to judge from the sidelines, phone in hand,” he told De Telegraaf. He’s not about to start critiquing his own performance. “I’ve got nothing to prove,” he said, a touch defiant.

“It is what it is,” he continued. He’s moving on, exploring other classes. “I’m doing this for me, right?” Motorsport, he believes, is the best thing ever. “It’s my life. I’ll make it a party, steer my own ship,” he declared, a hint of determination in his voice.

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Albert Ramirez
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