Discussing Potential Verstappen Exit: He Can’t Envision It

Max Verstappen expressed loyalty to Helmut Marko, stating he would leave Red Bull if Marko were suspended, a sentiment not shared by Jack Doohan, who doubted he would make a similar decision.


‣ Max Verstappen has expressed loyalty to Helmut Marko, indicating he would leave Red Bull if Marko were suspended, highlighting the strong bond between the driver and the advisor.

‣ Despite the potential for a suspension, Helmut Marko was not suspended from Red Bull after a productive conversation, demonstrating the influence and importance of Marko within the Red Bull organization.

‣ Jack Doohan, while acknowledging Verstappen’s stance, expressed uncertainty if he would make a similar decision to leave Red Bull, illustrating the complexity of such loyalty decisions in the competitive world of Formula 1.

‣ Doohan admires the success Red Bull has achieved under the current regulations and expresses a preference for staying with a winning team, contrasting with Verstappen’s readiness to leave if it meant staying loyal to Marko.

“Helmut Marko leaving Red Bull? That’s a deal-breaker for me,” Max Verstappen declared amidst the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix buzz. Suddenly, Jack Doohan found himself mulling over Verstappen’s bold statement on the F1 Nation Podcast. Imagine being in his racing boots, a Formula 2 contender eyeing the big leagues. How would he react to such a pivotal shift?

Verstappen’s loyalty to Marko isn’t new. It’s a bond, forged over years, that’s not breaking anytime soon. Just last weekend, whispers of Marko’s potential suspension by Red Bull GmbH filled the air. Verstappen’s stance? He’s sticking with Marko, come what may. The bigwigs at Red Bull’s HQ might’ve raised an eyebrow or two, but after a hearty chat, Marko stayed put.

### Doohan on words Verstappen
Now, leaving after bagging three, maybe four, world titles? That’s not a decision you make on a whim. Yet, Verstappen’s clear—if he has to, he’ll walk away from Red Bull. Doohan, on the other hand, scratches his head at the thought. “Leaving? Can’t see myself doing that,” he admits.

The duo has ridden the wave of success, especially with the regulation changes pre-2021. They’ve dominated, making a strong case for four consecutive world championships. “Next year? We’re not slowing down,” they seem to say. Doohan, though, wouldn’t dream of swapping his Red Bull seat. “Sure, Verstappen’s thinking about new challenges with new cars, new projects. But me? I’m staying put.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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