Dominant Pin Secures Remarkable Finish in Saudi Arabia

Doriane Pin, who dominated the first weekend of the F1 Academy’s second season in Saudi Arabia with two wins, is under investigation by stewards for continuing to race at full speed after finishing the second race, unaware she had already won.


– ‣ Doriane Pin won the second race in the F1 Academy in Saudi Arabia but continued to drive at full speed after finishing, not realizing the race had ended.
– ‣ The F1 Academy’s second season has begun, with women drivers supported by Formula 1 teams and competing on the same race weekends.
– ‣ Pin, driving for Prema and part of Mercedes, is under investigation by the stewards for crossing the finish line twice, potentially jeopardizing her win.
– ‣ Abbi Pulling from Britain and Maya Weug from the Netherlands secured the second and third places, respectively, on the podium in both races.

Oh, what a day it was at the F1 Academy! Doriane Pin, right? She clinched victory in the second race in Saudi Arabia. But, get this—she had no clue she’d already won. Kept zooming at top speed, as if the race was still on. Now, the stewards are scratching their heads, wondering what to do with her.

The F1 Academy’s second season kicked off in Saudi Arabia. This time, it’s not just about speed and skill. The women are getting a massive boost, backed by the big guns of Formula 1. They’re racing on the same weekends as the pros. And guess who stole the show? Doriane Pin. She snagged two pole positions and danced her way to two wins. Talk about making a statement.

But here’s the kicker. After nailing the second race, Pin didn’t hit the brakes. Nope. She thought, “One more lap, why not?” and kept the pedal to the metal. Because of her extra victory lap, the stewards are in a huddle. They’re pondering if her win should still count. Drama, right?

And it wasn’t just Pin lighting up the podium. She had company. Britain’s Abbi Pulling snagged the second spot, not once but twice. And Maya Weug? The Dutch driver who’s with Ferrari? She grabbed third place both times. Seems like déjà vu on the podium, doesn’t it?

So, there you have it. A race weekend that was anything but predictable. From unexpected victory laps to familiar faces on the podium, it had it all. Makes you wonder what’s next, huh?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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