Ecclestone Convinced About Verstappen’s Impact on F1

Bernie Ecclestone still has a strong influence on Formula 1 and has praised Max Verstappen as the best driver since the sport began, while also expressing approval for the Dutch Grand Prix’s return to the calendar.


– Bernie Ecclestone praises Max Verstappen as the best driver in Formula 1
– Ecclestone’s history as the former head of Formula 1 for over 40 years
– Ecclestone’s change of opinion about Zandvoort and its return to the F1 calendar
– The potential positive effect of the Dutch Grand Prix at Circuit Zandvoort on other Grands Prix

Even though Bernie Ecclestone has not been the big boss of Formula 1 for a long time, his opinions continue to impact the sport. In particular, he has not been shy in expressing his admiration for Max Verstappen, hailing him as the greatest driver the sport has ever seen. According to Ecclestone, “Max is the best driver to have driven in Formula 1 since the sport was founded,” as reported by NOS.

After relinquishing his role in 2017, Ecclestone remains a significant presence within the paddock. This was evident when he expressed his approval of the Dutch Grand Prix’s return to Zandvoort. Despite dismissing it in the past due to commercial and safety concerns, he is pleased with its reentry, remarking, “It looks much better, the organisation is doing well.” He has not yet attended the Dutch GP, but he has pledged to visit next year.

Speaking about the impact of the Dutch Grand Prix, Ecclestone believes its success has set a positive example for other Grands Prix. He envisions these races emulating Zandvoort’s model, particularly in terms of entertainment. Furthermore, he is confident that as long as Max Verstappen competes in Formula 1, Zandvoort will continue to be featured on the calendar. To that end, it appears that Ecclestone’s influence still resonates within the world of Formula 1, especially when it comes to praising Verstappen and predicting the Dutch Grand Prix’s position moving forward.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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