Ecclestone Suggests Red Bull Would Better Understand Schumacher

Bernie Ecclestone expressed disappointment at Mick Schumacher’s exit from Formula 1, suggesting that he could have thrived at Red Bull Racing and criticising Ferrari and Haas F1 for not adequately supporting him; Schumacher, who had success in Formula 3 and 2, struggled in his two seasons at Haas F1 and has since moved to the World Endurance Championship with Alpine.


‣ Bernie Ecclestone expressed disappointment at Mick Schumacher’s departure from Formula 1, stating it was not solely due to the driver’s performance.
‣ Despite winning the Formula 3 championship in 2018 and the Formula 2 championship two years later, Schumacher struggled to make an impression in his two seasons with Haas F1.
‣ Schumacher was not offered a new contract at Haas F1 and his partnership with Ferrari ended. He moved to Mercedes and will drive the hypercar in the WEC at Alpine next year.
‣ Ecclestone criticized Ferrari and Haas F1 for not providing enough support to Schumacher, suggesting he would have fared better at Red Bull Racing.

Bernie Ecclestone’s got some thoughts. He’s bummed about the Schumacher name vanishing from Formula 1. Again. Mick Schumacher, once a Ferrari junior, got a shot at Haas F1. Two seasons, that’s all. Didn’t quite cut it, and got the boot. Ecclestone, at 93, thinks it’s not all on the young German.

Schumacher’s F1 Journey

Schumacher’s no pushover, that’s for sure. Look at his track record before his F1 debut in 2021. Formula 3 champ in 2018. Formula 2 champ two years later. Like his dad, Michael Schumacher, Mick needed time to adjust to new cars, new championships. But once he got the hang of it, boy, he was fast.

His rookie season? Not exactly a home run. But he was driving a Haas F1 car that wasn’t exactly top-tier. Maybe we should’ve seen it coming. His second season didn’t bring the improvements we were hoping for. No winter prep, and his teammate Kevin Magnussen often outpaced him.

No new contract from Haas F1. Ferrari partnership? Over. He hopped over to Mercedes, then landed a reserve driver role at Alpine in 2024. Next year, he’ll be driving their hypercar. Ecclestone thinks if Schumacher had been at Red Bull Racing, he’d still be in the big leagues.

Ferrari and Haas F1: Ecclestone’s Take

Ecclestone thinks Red Bull would’ve been a better fit. “They would’ve coached him to the top,” he says. Will Schumacher ever return to F1? Ecclestone’s not sure. “He’s gotta fight, show he’s still got it,” he says. “People need to see him and say, ‘We need him.’ Not the other way around.”

Ecclestone gets why Schumacher chose long-distance racing. “Probably the best thing he can do right now,” he says. Schumacher’s still a reserve driver for Mercedes, but his WEC commitments mean he can’t attend all Grands Prix.

After Schumacher left Haas F1 in 2022, Franz Tost tried to lure him to AlphaTauri. But Helmut Marko chose Nyck de Vries instead. De Vries didn’t even last half a season.

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