Ecclestone Supports Massa Decision: Right Choice

Felipe Massa is officially taking the FIA, FOM, and Bernie Ecclestone to court over the 2008 Formula 1 world title, claiming he should have won instead of Lewis Hamilton, due to the controversial Singapore Grand Prix race, known as ‘Crashgate’.


‣ Felipe Massa is officially going to court over the missed world title in 2008, targeting the FIA, FOM, Bernie Ecclestone, and potentially affecting Lewis Hamilton’s title.

‣ Bernie Ecclestone supports Massa’s decision to sue, believing that an English judge’s verdict will be beneficial for Massa.

‣ Massa’s contention is based on the belief that the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, influenced by the ‘Crashgate’ scandal, should not have counted towards the championship standings.

‣ The ‘Crashgate’ scandal involved Nelson Piquet Jr.’s deliberate crash to benefit Fernando Alonso, a move Massa argues invalidates the race’s results and, by extension, the 2008 championship outcome.

Monday night brought a bombshell. After endless waiting, it’s official: Felipe Massa is taking his 2008 world title grievance to court. The FIA, FOM, and Bernie Ecclestone are now in the hot seat, and Lewis Hamilton’s title hangs in the balance. Ecclestone, surprisingly, is all for it.

In a candid chat with AP, Ecclestone spilled the beans. “Had he asked me, I’d have cheered him on. Suing? Absolutely. Let’s have an English judge sort this mess,” he said. Predicting the outcome? Not his style. But, he believes, for Massa, it’s a step in the right direction.

Massa’s beef? The 2008 title slipped through his fingers, snatched by Hamilton in a heart-stopping final lap. But Massa’s convinced he was robbed. The 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, he argues, shouldn’t count. Without it, he’d be the champ, not Hamilton.

Enter ‘Crashgate’. Nelson Piquet Jr.’s infamous crash, allegedly to boost Fernando Alonso, is at the heart of Massa’s claim. The race’s results, he insists, should be nixed. F1’s stance? They were clueless until 2009.

But here’s the kicker: Ecclestone knew. Last year, he let slip that he was aware of Piquet Jr.’s antics in 2008. This revelation fuels Massa’s conviction that he deserves more than a runner-up spot.

So, it’s court time. Massa’s challenging the FIA, FOM, and Ecclestone, convinced that a timely intervention in 2008 would have crowned him instead of Hamilton. The drama unfolds, and the racing world watches, popcorn in hand.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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