Embarrassing day in Hamilton’s career captured by international media

Max Verstappen won a clinical victory in Brazil, while the international media focused on Lewis Hamilton‘s disappointing finish, a tense battle between Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez, and praise for Alonso’s performance.


‣ Max Verstappen’s 17th win was clinical and without any problems
‣ Lewis Hamilton had a disappointing race, finishing over a minute behind Verstappen in eighth place
‣ Fernando Alonso had a heroic battle with Sergio Perez and took third place
‣ The race was an entertaining one, with a tumultuous start and various attempts at overtaking the world champion, Max Verstappen

The Formula 1 Brazil GP was a historic win for Max Verstappen, his 17th victory. His performance was described by his team principal as “clinical”, showcasing the world champion’s dominance on the track. According to reports from various international media outlets, the main focus of attention was on the intense battle between Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez, as well as Lewis Hamilton’s unexpected eighth-place finish.

The Daily Mail remarked on Hamilton’s embarrassing performance during the Grand Prix and the significant lead that Verstappen had over the entire competition. They go on to emphasize the challenging situation for Hamilton, who faces difficulties securing his eighth world championship with Mercedes due to the mediocre performance of the W14. According to the Daily Mail, Hamilton admitted that the chances of ending their misery on the track are slim.
Het Laatste Nieuws highlighted Verstappen’s triumph in Brazil and portrayed the race as tumultuous due to a big crash at the start. As for the battle between Norris and Verstappen, they described Norris’ early effort to overtake Verstappen. Despite that, Norris ultimately failed to secure the lead.

The BBC expressed admiration for Fernando Alonso, emphasizing his remarkable achievement at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. They commented on his ongoing exceptional standards in racing and the impact of his third-place finish behind Verstappen and Norris. Fernando Alonso’s performance was described as nothing less than a masterclass and was considered one of the best in his long and successful career. The Gazzetta dello Sport also acknowledged Alonso’s fantastic third-place finish, praising his ability to deny Sergio Perez the opportunity to use the DRS. They commended his talent and the remarkable performance of Max Verstappen. The spotlight of the race in Brazil shone on Verstappen and the extraordinary battles taking place behind him, making the Grand Prix a memorable event in Formula 1 history.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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