Ex-Ferrari Boss Todt Supports Massa, Says GP Singapore Cancellation Was Necessary

Former Ferrari team boss Jean Todt supports Felipe Massa in his legal battle for the 2008 world title, agreeing that the result of the Singapore Grand Prix, which was allegedly rigged, should have been declared invalid.


‣ Felipe Massa has the support of former Ferrari team boss Jean Todt in his legal battle for the 2008 world title.
‣ Massa has launched legal proceedings due to his disagreement with the conduct of the 2008 Formula 1 season, where he lost the world title to Lewis Hamilton at the last moment.
‣ The case revolves around Crashgate, where Nelson Piquet Jr. was instructed by Renault boss Flavio Briatore to deliberately crash Fernando Alonso to win the Singapore Grand Prix.
‣ Todt agrees with Massa that the result of the Singapore GP should have been declared invalid due to the rigging.

Felipe Massa has a powerful ally in his corner. Jean Todt, ex-Ferrari team boss, is backing him up in his legal fight for the 2008 world title. Todt, who later ascended to the presidency of the FIA, isn’t keen on diving deep into the case. However, he’s on the same page with Massa on a critical matter.

Todt supports Massa in legal tussle

Massa has kicked off legal proceedings. Why? He’s not happy with how the 2008 Formula 1 season played out. He lost the world title to Lewis Hamilton in the final moments. The case revolves around Crashgate. Renault boss Flavio Briatore instructed Nelson Piquet Jr. to intentionally crash Fernando Alonso. The goal? To secure a win at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone’s comments sparked Massa’s legal action. Ecclestone, now 93 and claiming to have no recollection of his statements, alleged that everyone was aware of the cheating. This went all the way up to the organization’s top brass.

Todt is in complete agreement with Massa. He believes the Singapore GP’s outcome should’ve been declared null and void. “I won’t delve into the controversy,” Todt told La Stampa. “For him, it was a tough mental challenge. Maybe we could’ve been stricter when the story broke. There’s no question the Singapore Grand Prix was rigged and should’ve been thrown out.”

On a side note, Verstappen isn’t intimidated by Perez’s accolade in F1. He says it just fuels his motivation.

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