Ex-Ferrari Driver Says Schumacher Wouldn’t Want Hamilton as Teammate

Lewis Hamilton‘s transfer to Ferrari is reminiscent of Michael Schumacher‘s move in 1996, with Jean Alesi comparing the two and noting Hamilton’s potential for an electrifying future with Ferrari, despite feeling sorry for Carlos Sainz who will lose his seat, and suggesting Schumacher wouldn’t have wanted Hamilton as a teammate.


‣ Lewis Hamilton’s transfer to Ferrari is reminiscent of Michael Schumacher’s move to the team in 1996, highlighting a significant moment in Formula One history that excites fans and experts alike.

‣ The pairing of Hamilton with Ferrari is seen as a promising combination that could bring about an electrifying era in Formula One, with the 2025 season particularly anticipated.

‣ Jean Alesi, a former Ferrari driver, compares Hamilton’s depth, personality, and charisma to Schumacher’s, suggesting that Hamilton’s arrival at Ferrari is a momentous occasion that could renew interest in the sport race after race.

‣ Alesi expresses sympathy for Carlos Sainz, who will lose his seat to Hamilton, acknowledging Sainz’s positive performance and gentlemanly conduct in motorsport, yet he also notes that Schumacher would not have accepted a driver like Hamilton as his teammate, hinting at the competitive nature and unique dynamics within Formula One teams.

Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari? Yeah, it’s got everyone talking. It’s like déjà vu for those who remember Michael Schumacher’s leap in ’96. And Jean Alesi? He’s right there with us, drawing parallels between the two.

Now, imagine the buzz. Hamilton, a legend in his own right, teaming up with Ferrari. It’s like a dream team. The 2025 season can’t come soon enough.

### Comparison between Hamilton and Schumacher

Jean Alesi, he’s got stories. He missed racing alongside Schumacher at Ferrari by a whisker, but the camaraderie in F1? It’s tight. So, when he chats with Corriere della Sera, you listen. He sees Hamilton’s move as reminiscent of Schumacher’s glory days. It’s all about the aura, the charisma. And yeah, Alonso and Vettel had their moments in Maranello, but this? It’s different. Alesi’s betting on a rollercoaster ride of a season, with eyes from all corners of the globe glued to the track.

But, there’s a twist. Carlos Sainz, the guy’s been solid. Alesi feels for him, losing his spot to Hamilton. He praises Sainz’s grace and grit, calling him a true sportsman. Yet, he’s optimistic. Talent like Sainz’s doesn’t go unnoticed, and Alesi’s convinced he’ll bounce back.

### ‘Schumacher would not accept Hamilton’

And then, Alesi drops a bombshell. Schumacher, according to him, wouldn’t have wanted Hamilton as a teammate. It’s a bold statement, almost controversial. But it adds another layer to the saga of F1’s dynamic duos and rivalries.

In the end, it’s all about the thrill of the race, the clash of titans. Hamilton at Ferrari is more than just a transfer; it’s a promise of epic battles and unforgettable moments. Can’t wait, can you?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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