Ex-Mercedes Chief Criticizes Old Team’s Operations

Paddy Lowe criticizes Mercedes for making wrong aerodynamic choices and struggling in Formula 1, but believes recovery is possible before the engine regulations change in 2026.


– ‣ Mercedes has been struggling in Formula 1 for the past two-and-a-half years, significantly falling behind from their previous dominance during the turbo-hybrid era.
– ‣ The team is currently fourth in the constructors’ championship, with a significant gap of 60 points from the third place, highlighting their performance decline.
– ‣ Paddy Lowe criticizes Mercedes for making the wrong aerodynamic choices, pointing out that discrepancies between factory results and actual track performance have hindered the team’s success.
– ‣ Despite the challenges, Lowe believes recovery is possible for Mercedes, especially with the upcoming change to engine regulations in 2026, drawing parallels to historical comebacks in the sport.

Mercedes? Oh, they’ve hit a rough patch in Formula 1, and it’s been dragging on for over two years now. Remember the days they were untouchable during the turbo-hybrid era? Well, those days are a distant memory now.

Paddy Lowe, you know, the guy who was the brains behind their tech from 2013 to 2017, he’s not holding back on his critiques. And honestly, why should he?

Imagine, from being the ones everyone’s chasing to, well, crossing your fingers just to make it past Q2 in the qualifiers. It’s a tough pill to swallow for Mercedes. Right now, they’re sitting in fourth in the constructors’ championship. And McLaren? They’re 60 points ahead. After Miami, it’s like they’re in a different league, points-wise.

### Lowe Criticizes Mercedes

Lowe had a chat with Motorsport.com. Didn’t mince his words about where Mercedes might’ve tripped up. Aerodynamics, he says. The choices just haven’t been hitting the mark. Plus, there’s a mismatch – what’s cooked up in the factory isn’t translating well on the track. “Top-notch tools, sure,” he says. But wind tunnels, CFD? Flawed, every team knows it. Take a wrong turn with those, and you’re in for a rough ride trying to find your way back. Mercedes is feeling that pinch, big time.

But, here’s a twist. Lowe’s not all doom and gloom. He harks back to his days at Williams in ’92. Beating McLaren then? Seemed like a pipe dream, but they did it. His point? Mercedes can bounce back. It’s all about getting their ducks in a row, especially with the engine regulation changes coming up in 2026.

So, yeah. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster for Mercedes. But if history’s taught us anything, it’s never to count out the underdog. Or in this case, a former giant finding its footing again.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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