F1 24 Game Launch Date by Codemasters & EA Revealed

Codemasters and EA Sports announced that F1 24 will launch on May 31, 2024, featuring new cars and liveries for the 2024 season, an overhauled Career mode, a new handling system, and various pre-order bonuses, including early access and exclusive in-game items.


‣ Codemasters and EA Sports announced F1 24 will launch on May 31, 2024, with pre-ordering F1 23 players gaining early access to Time Trial Challenges featuring the new 2024 cars.

‣ The initial launch of F1 24 will include 2024 season cars from Alpine, Haas, McLaren, and Williams, with their new liveries, and a second wave of liveries to be introduced in April.

‣ F1 24 will introduce an overhauled Career mode, a new EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling System, among other features, as highlighted by Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters.

‣ Pre-order bonuses for F1 24 include valuable items like two new Formula 1 Icons, up to 18,000 Pitcoin, and an F1 World Bumper Pack, with the Champions Edition offering early access starting May 28.

Oh boy, Codemasters and EA Sports just dropped a bombshell. F1 24’s hitting the shelves on May 31, 2024. And guess what? If you’re already knee-deep in F1 23, pre-ordering this baby lets you zip around in Time Trial Challenges. Yep, with the spanking new 2024 cars. The ones making their debut at the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend. Talk about a sneak peek.

Now, let’s dive into the garage and see what’s under the hood at launch. We’re talking Alpine, Haas, McLaren, and Williams. Sporting their latest liveries for the 2024 season. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled in April. That’s when they’re rolling out a fresh batch of liveries.

### What’s cooking in F1 24?

Lee Mather, the big brain at Codemasters, is teasing us big time. “For the first time,” he says, “our F1 23 players can get a taste of the 2024 season.” And it’s not just any taste. We’re talking a full-course meal with some of your favorite teams, right before the season’s first “Lights Out.” And there’s more on the horizon. An overhauled Career mode, a shiny new EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling System, and a truckload of surprises. Stay tuned.

Pre-order perks? Oh, they’ve got you covered. Launch day’s gonna feel like Christmas with “several valuable items” up for grabs. The Champions Edition? It’s like the golden ticket. Two new Formula 1 Icons, 18,000 Pitcoin, and the F1 World Bumper Pack. This isn’t just for solo rides; it’s your multiplayer golden pass too. Early access? You bet. Starting May 28, get a head start. And yes, all pre-orders snag a bonus VIP Podium Pass. Opting for the Standard Edition? You’re not left out. Enjoy 5,000 Pitcoin and an F1 World Starter Pack.

Here’s the kicker. F1 24’s rolling out way ahead of its predecessors. Remember the July releases? Well, 2023 broke the pattern with a June 16 launch. And now, 2024’s game is ready in May. More time to dive deep into the current F1 season. How cool is that?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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