F1 Commission May Change Sprint Format, 2026 Car Building Rules

The F1 Commission’s final meeting in Abu Dhabi discussed several topics including the format of sprint races in 2024, the decision to delay the development of the 2026 car until 2025, the continuation of tyre blanket usage, and ongoing work on combating spray in rainy conditions and providing more cooling options for drivers in high temperatures.


‣ The format of the sprint weekend in F1 racing will be reviewed in 2024, with the aim of making it more distinct from the Grand Prix.
‣ The locations of the sprint races will be announced in the coming weeks.
‣ Teams will not be allowed to start developing the 2026 car until 2025, specifically in terms of designing the chassis.
‣ Tyre blankets will continue to be allowed in F1 racing from 2025 onwards, as teams believe it is more dangerous to send drivers out on cold tyres.

The F1 Commission held its fourth and final meeting in Abu Dhabi today. A variety of topics were on the table, and some key decisions were made regarding the upcoming season and beyond. Here’s a quick rundown of what was agreed upon.

Sprint races are set to undergo some changes in 2024. The format of the sprint weekend is under scrutiny, with drivers and teams expressing their dissatisfaction. The powers that be are exploring how to distinguish ‘sprint events’ from the Grand Prix more clearly. In other words, they’re looking to make it more of a standalone event. This topic will be revisited in the first F1 Commission meeting of 2024.

The venues for the sprint races, likely to be six again, will be revealed in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that.

On another note, teams won’t be allowed to start developing the 2026 car until 2025. This rule applies specifically to the design of the chassis, not the engine regulations. Engine manufacturers, after all, are already hard at work on that front.

There was talk of banning tyre blankets in Formula 1. This idea has been postponed once already until 2025. However, the latest news is that tyre blankets will continue to be permitted from 2025 onwards. Teams argue that sending drivers out on cold tyres only increases the risk factor.

In other news, work is ongoing on a project to combat spray in rainy conditions. Also, drivers will have more cooling options when driving in high temperatures. Research into this is still underway.

Lastly, McLaren has announced a new reserve driver for the ’24 season. More on that later.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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