F1 Driver Invests in Football Club to Fulfill Lifelong Dream

Alpine F1 driver Pierre Gasly has become the third owner of FC Versailles, a third-level football club in France, aiming to elevate it to the top tiers of French football, sharing ambitions and values with fellow owners Alexandre Mulliez and Fabien Lazare.


‣ Alpine driver Pierre Gasly has invested in FC Versailles, aiming to elevate the club to Ligue 1 or Ligue 2 as a 100% French football club in the Paris region.

‣ Gasly becomes the third owner of FC Versailles, joining forces with Alexandre Mulliez and Fabien Lazare, who share his values, ambitions, and competitive spirit.

‣ Gasly expresses immense happiness about his investment in FC Versailles, highlighting a shared vision and competitive spirit among the owners to positively advance the club.

‣ FC Versailles President Alexandre Mulliez, a Formula 1 fan, believes Gasly’s involvement will be fruitful for achieving the club’s goals, emphasizing the unique value Gasly brings to the team.

Pierre Gasly, that Alpine driver we all know, has dipped his toes into something quite different. Yep, he’s gone and invested in a football club. But not just any club. We’re talking about FC Versailles, right in his home country of France. It’s like he’s bringing a piece of the racetrack to the football field.

Now, here’s the kicker. FC Versailles isn’t just aiming for the stars; they want to be a 100% French powerhouse in the Paris region. And they’re not just daydreaming about making it to Ligue 1 or Ligue 2. They’re on a mission.

Currently, they’re hustling at the third level of the football pyramid. And guess what? Gasly’s not just a silent partner. He’s the third owner. The trio, including Alexandre Mulliez and Fabien Lazare, seems like a dream team. They’re all pumped to have a Formula 1 driver in the mix.

### Gasly proud of the contract at FC Versailles

Gasly’s over the moon about this whole football club thing. “I am happy to join FC Versailles because I have always wanted to be active in professional football,” he spills. And it’s not just about throwing money around. He, Alexandre, and Fabien? They’re on the same wavelength. Same values, same hunger for success, and that competitive fire. Gasly’s convinced this is the start of something epic. “Allez Versailles!” he cheers.

And let’s not forget about Mulliez, the president of FC Versailles. Big Formula 1 fan, that one. He’s thrilled to bits about having Gasly on board. “Pierre Gasly complements Fabien and myself very well,” he beams. Mulliez is betting big on this partnership. He’s seen Gasly’s magic on the track and can’t wait to see it light up the football club. They’ve got goals, and with Gasly, they’re aiming to smash every single one.

So, there you have it. A story of speed meets strategy, racetrack meets football field. It’s not every day you see a Formula 1 driver scoring goals in the football business. But then again, Gasly’s not your everyday kind of guy. Here’s to the unexpected plays and the thrilling matches ahead. Who knows? This might just be the game-changer FC Versailles needs.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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