F1 Drivers Reveal Challenges of Jeddah Circuit

The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, particularly in Jeddah, is considered one of the toughest races on the Formula 1 calendar due to its high temperatures, street circuit nature with fast corners and close walls, continuous high G-forces, and low degradation allowing for relentless speed, making it physically demanding and requiring utmost precision from drivers.


‣ The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix is considered one of the toughest races on the Formula 1 calendar due to its street circuit nature, where walls are very close to the track, increasing the risk and challenge for drivers.

Charles Leclerc highlights the difficulties of the Jeddah track, emphasizing the combination of its street circuit characteristics with fast corners and the necessity for precision, where even a minor mistake can lead to a crash.

Max Verstappen points out the unique challenges of the Jeddah circuit, including its anti-clockwise direction, continuous G forces, and the requirement for constant focus due to the proximity of walls and the track’s layout, which hardly allows any rest for the drivers.

Sergio Perez describes the race in Jeddah as ‘unpleasant’ due to its physical demands, highlighting the continuous high-speed turns and G forces, making it one of the most physically demanding races on the calendar.

This Saturday, the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix is on the schedule. Drivers are buzzing, calling it one of the Formula 1 calendar’s toughest gigs. But what’s the big deal? Let’s dive into their thoughts.

Street circuits, they’re a different beast. With walls hugging the track, there’s no room for error. Think Monaco, Singapore, Las Vegas, and, of course, Jeddah. And guess what? The list keeps growing.

### Drivers explain why Jeddah is so tough

Jeddah’s heat is something else. Even in the evening, it’s sweltering. Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc sheds some light. “It’s a street track, right? But those fast corners, they’re merciless. A tiny bump, and you’re skating on thin ice. Lose grip at those speeds? Not fun. Plus, precision is key. Miss by just a bit, and you’re not just off track—you’re done. Finding confidence here is a whole other game.”

Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen nods in agreement. “Jeddah’s brutal. It’s early season, runs anti-clockwise, and those G forces in Sector 1? Relentless. And the walls, they’re always lurking. Unlike other tracks, there’s no breather. Even the straights aren’t straight. You’re always on, which means your body’s always on. And the bumps, like at Turn 22, they don’t help. Plus, tire degradation’s low, so you’re pushing hard every lap. It’s a different beast.”

Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s teammate, isn’t a fan. “Last year’s race? Intense. It’s physically demanding, thanks to the constant high-speed G forces. Like Max said, you’re always turning, always pulling Gs. And it’s fast, with low degradation. It’s just… unpleasant.”

So, there you have it. Jeddah’s not just another race. It’s a trial by fire, where precision, endurance, and sheer will are tested. And this Saturday, we’ll see who emerges unscathed.

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