F1 Drivers Standings: Verstappen Leads Following Dominant Bahrain GP Victory

Max Verstappen secured a dominant victory at the Bahrain Grand Prix, continuing his winning streak and leading the 2024 Formula 1 championship, followed by teammate Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz in the standings.


‣ Max Verstappen secured an extremely dominant win at the Bahrain Grand Prix, marking his eighth consecutive victory and starting the 2024 Formula 1 championship at the top.

‣ The 2024 F1 championship tone is set with Verstappen continuing his winning streak and leading the championship, followed by his Red Bull Racing teammate Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz in third place.

‣ The drivers’ standings after the Bahrain Grand Prix show Verstappen leading with 26 points, followed by Perez with 18 points, and Sainz with 15 points, indicating a strong start for Red Bull Racing and Ferrari.

‣ The top ten in the drivers’ standings also include notable names such as Charles Leclerc, George Russell, Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton, Oscar Piastri, Fernando Alonso, and Lance Stroll, highlighting a competitive field for the season ahead.

Oh boy, Max Verstappen really did it again, didn’t he? The Bahrain Grand Prix was his playground. Not the most thrilling race, I’ll give you that. But, wow, did he dominate or what? That’s eight straight wins for the Dutchman. Eight! He’s basically sprinted to the top of the 2024 Formula 1 leaderboard. Like, if there was a mic drop in F1, this was it.

2024’s F1 vibe? It’s all Verstappen, all the time. He’s not just winning races; he’s rewriting history. Picture this: 25 points in his pocket, plus a cheeky bonus for the fastest lap. And who’s trailing behind him? His Red Bull Racing buddy, Sergio Perez.

Carlos Sainz, though, he’s the one to watch. Drove like a rockstar in his RB20, keeping up with Perez like it was no big deal. Then there’s Charles Leclerc. His race? Let’s just say it was more ‘Fast & Furious’ than ‘Ford v Ferrari’. And George Russell? Fifth place for him, which, honestly, isn’t too shabby.

Lando Norris snagged P6, just ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Oscar Piastri. The Aston Martin duo, Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll, rounded out the top ten. Alonso in ninth and Stroll clinching that 10th spot.

Now, for the juicy part – the F1 drivers’ standings post-Bahrain Grand Prix. Verstappen’s sitting pretty at the top with 26 points. Perez is hanging in there with 18 points, and Carlos Sainz isn’t too far behind with 15 points.

Charles Leclerc’s got 12 points to his name, with George Russell hot on his heels with 10 points. Lando Norris? He’s got 8 points.

Then there’s Lewis Hamilton with 6 points, Oscar Piastri with 4, Fernando Alonso with a modest 2, and Lance Stroll, bless him, with 1 point.

So, there you have it. The 2024 F1 season is off to a flying start, and if this race was any indication, it’s gonna be a wild ride. Buckle up!

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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