F1 Media: Hamilton Loses 2nd Place to Verstappen within 4 Hours

Max Verstappen‘s victory at the US Grand Prix was praised by newspapers across the world, emphasizing his dominant performance and highlighting Lewis Hamilton‘s disqualification from the race.


‣ Max Verstappen’s performance at the US Grand Prix praised for his hard work and ability to lead races from start to finish.
‣ Lewis Hamilton’s disqualification from the race caused outrage in England.
‣ Verstappen’s victory was attributed to his talent, the work of his team, and excellent pit stop strategies.
‣ Verstappen’s record-breaking season highlighted, with him achieving 466 points and over 90% of all possible points this season.

Max Verstappen’s dominant performance at the US Grand Prix has garnered attention and praise from newspapers across Europe. Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws emphasized Verstappen’s remarkable consistency and class, noting that he rarely faces challenges in Formula 1. They also highlighted his ability to lead races from start to finish. French sports newspaper l’Equipe echoed similar sentiments, pointing out that Verstappen only needed to survive the first corner before strategically making the most of pit stops to secure his victory. They also discussed the disqualification of Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc, highlighting the strict enforcement of rules in F1.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail, a British news site, gave prominence to Hamilton’s disqualification, making it the lead article on their website. The newspaper emphasized the controversy and timing of the decision, while also drawing attention to precedents, mentioning Michael Schumacher‘s disqualification in 1994. The Gazzetta dello Sport, an Italian newspaper, hailed Verstappen as the “king” of F1, celebrating his 50th career victory and praising the teamwork displayed by Red Bull Racing.

German newspaper Bild also joined in the praise for Verstappen, calling him “simply unbeatable.” They highlighted his record-breaking season, with 15 Grand Prix victories and over 90% of all possible points scored. This remarkable performance has cemented Verstappen’s status as a force to be reckoned with in Formula 1.

Overall, the newspapers’ coverage focuses on Verstappen’s dominance, his ability to overcome challenges, and the repercussions of Hamilton’s disqualification. These articles reflect the excitement and intrigue surrounding the US Grand Prix and the ongoing battle for the championship title in Formula 1.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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