F1 Season 24 Starts with Red Flag: Loose Drain Cover Incident

During the second day of Formula 1 testing in Bahrain, a red flag was caused by a dislodged kerbstone drain at turn 11, initially flicked up by Charles Leclerc and then run over by Lewis Hamilton, with the incident continuing to be addressed as the test clock ticks on.


‣ The second day of testing in Bahrain was marked by the first red flag of the Formula 1 season due to a loose drain on the kerbstone at turn 11.
‣ Lewis Hamilton dislodged the kerbstone drain, which was then driven over by Charles Leclerc, causing the red flag.
‣ Despite the incident, the test clock continued to run, putting pressure on the teams and drivers.
‣ Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton, who are expected to be teammates at the Italian Scuderia from 2025, were both involved in the incident.

Day two in Bahrain brought the drama. Suddenly, the track’s calm was shattered by the season’s first red flag. Why? A pesky drain cover at turn 11 decided it had enough, popping right off. And who was the unlucky driver? None other than a Monegasque racer, cruising over it without a warning.

Boom. Red flag waves high.

But here’s the kicker – the clock didn’t stop. It kept ticking, relentless, as if mocking the pause in action.

### Red flag drama in Bahrain!

Guess who stirred the pot? Lewis Hamilton, that’s who. Car number 44, a beast on wheels, might just share the spotlight with Charles Leclerc at the Italian Scuderia come 2025.

Talk about an unexpected duo.

Then, the plot thickens. Replays caught Leclerc dancing a bit too wide at Turn 11, nudging a piece of kerb. Hamilton, following suit, runs right over it. And bam, the internet’s buzzing with #F1Testing and #F1 tags, complete with a snapshot of the moment.

Check it out [here](https://twitter.com/F1/status/1760599339465085213?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw).

Crazy, right? Just another day in the world of Formula 1.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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