F1 Team Bosses Rank Verstappen as Top Driver, Hamilton Falls Behind

Max Verstappen has been voted the best driver of the year for the third time in a row by Formula 1 team bosses, with Lewis Hamilton ranking fifth, a drop from last year, and Fernando Alonso coming in second after Verstappen.


‣ Max Verstappen has been voted the best driver of the year by Formula 1 team bosses for the third consecutive season.
‣ Lewis Hamilton, who did not participate in the vote, scored lower among team bosses than among drivers.
‣ Hamilton finished second behind Verstappen in the rankings, one place higher than last year.
‣ According to team bosses, Fernando Alonso was the most impressive driver after Verstappen, with Hamilton ranking fifth.

Max Verstappen? Yeah, he’s been crowned the best driver of the year. And guess what? It’s not his first time. Nope, it’s the third time in a row he’s been given this honor by the Formula 1 team bosses.

Lewis Hamilton? Well, he didn’t fare as well. He scored lower among the team bosses than among his fellow drivers. And the kicker? He didn’t even vote. Unlike his team boss, Toto Wolff, who did.

Verstappen: Bosses’ Top Pick

Every year, Formula1.com has this thing where they let drivers and team bosses vote for the top ten F1 drivers of the past season. Verstappen, after his third world title, was the top dog. But here’s the twist: Toto Wolff, he voted. Hamilton? He sat this one out.

Hamilton, the 38-year-old Brit, still managed to rank high. He came in second, right behind Verstappen. That’s one spot higher than last year. But the team bosses? They weren’t as impressed with the Mercedes driver.

They also voted Verstappen as the best driver of the year. But according to them, it wasn’t Hamilton who was the next best thing. It was Fernando Alonso who caught their eye after the Red Bull Racing driver. Lando Norris? He snagged third place, beating out Charles Leclerc. And Hamilton? He’s down in fifth, a step down from last year.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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