F1 Today: Questionable Appointment & Verstappen’s 2024 Teammate Consideration

The F1 paddock has reconvened for the Brazilian Grand Prix after a week of speculation and rumours, with notable stories including a questionable FIA appointment, Marko rejecting an approach from a rival F1 team, and Verstappen considering a driver swap between Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri.


– Luciano Burti as the ‘national steward’ at the Brazilian Grand Prix
– Rumours of Marko being approached by a rival F1 team
– Verstappen deciding between Ricciardo and Perez as teammates
– Hamilton’s focus on the upcoming race at Interlagos

The Formula 1 paddock has come together in Brazil for the final race of the triple-header, and the drivers have been making headlines. One notable figure in the FIA steward lineup for the Brazilian Grand Prix is Luciano Burti, a Brazilian former F1 driver. The timing of his role as ‘national steward’ has raised some eyebrows, given his recent involvement in rumour publication.

On the topic of rumours, there has been speculation that Red Bull’s Helmut Marko has been approached by a rival F1 team. According to Business F1 magazine, sources close to Marko have confirmed this, but he has declined the position. There are suspicions that other teams are seeking information from Marko about Red Bull Racing, rather than valuing his role in their team. This has led to speculation about Marko’s potential retirement after Red Bull Racing.

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen has been caught in driver swap rumours between Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri. Verstappen gave his thoughts on the potential driver changes, stating, “If it’s Checo next year, then great. I have had a great working relationship with him, but also personally, I think he’s a great guy. And if it’s Daniel, then also we will get along fine, and we have a great time. F1 can be a tough sport. You’re asking these kind of questions, but yeah, maybe also nothing happens.”

Returning seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is looking to regroup after finishing second in the Mexico City Grand Prix. He is focusing on the upcoming race at Interlagos, saying, “I expect Red Bull to be quick. They have been quick the whole year, except for Singapore We expect the Ferraris to be quick.” Regarding his team’s performance, Hamilton added, “I hope that our car works well here, like it did for Austin, but you could just never predict what could be bad, what could be good. So we’re just trying to prepare the best way we can.”

As the paddock gears up for the Brazilian Grand Prix, these stories are certainly keeping fans on the edge of their seats.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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