F2 Champion Believes He Deserves F1 Spot, Accepts Reality of Situation

F2 champion Theo Pourchaire expressed disappointment at not being able to drive in F1 next year, but is looking forward to participating in the Super Formula series in Japan, where he recently tested and praised the Suzuka track.


‣ Theo Pourchaire, the F2 champion, expresses his disappointment at not being able to drive in Formula 1 next year.
‣ Instead of Formula 1, Pourchaire will be driving in the Super Formula series in Japan.
‣ Despite his disappointment, Pourchaire speaks positively about his experience in Japan and the Super Formula series.
‣ He particularly praises the Suzuka track, describing it as one of the best in the world.

Theo Pourchaire, F2 champ, isn’t exactly thrilled about missing out on F1 next year. Instead, this 20-year-old Frenchman will be hitting the tracks in Japan’s Super Formula series. He spilled his thoughts during a press conference at the FIA Prize Giving Ceremony.

Pourchaire looked beat at the conference. He had just returned from Japan, where he was testing for Super Formula. “Think it was 18 hours ago, I was still in Japan,” he said. Jet lag was giving him a tough time. “I’m a bit tired,” he confessed in Baku.

He didn’t stop there. He went on, “I was there for the Super Formula testing because next year, sadly, I won’t be on the Formula 1 grid.” The disappointment was evident. “It’s a dream to be a Formula 1 driver. As an F2 champ, I kinda thought I deserved a spot there. But hey, that’s life.”

Pourchaire’s Take on Japan

So, no F1. What’s his take on Super Formula? “It was my first time in Japan this week,” the Frenchman shared. He was all praises for the people and the culture. “The car is fast. I got to experience Suzuka as well. It’s a mad track. So fast and so tough.”

He added, “I had a chat with some F1 drivers before heading there. They couldn’t stop raving about Suzuka. It’s one of my favorites now, even though I’d never driven there before. But now, I reckon it’s one of the best tracks in the world.”

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