Felipe Massa Supports Hamilton’s Win, Opposes His Own Loss

Felipe Massa has sued the FIA, FOM, and Bernie Ecclestone, seeking $81 million in damages for not being declared the 2008 Formula 1 world champion, alleging they knew of a deliberate crash that influenced the championship’s outcome, although he acknowledges Lewis Hamilton remains the rightful champion.


– ‣ Felipe Massa has filed a lawsuit against the FIA, FOM, and Bernie Ecclestone, claiming he was wrongfully denied the Formula 1 world title in 2008 due to a deliberate crash by Nelson Piquet Jr. that benefited Fernando Alonso.
– ‣ Massa believes that the defendants were aware of the deliberate crash at the time and seeks $81 million in damages for not being declared the 2008 champion.
– ‣ Despite his legal actions, Massa is not attempting to be named the 2008 world champion, acknowledging that Lewis Hamilton, who won partially due to points from the controversial Singapore Grand Prix, remains the official champion.
– ‣ The lawsuit has been filed in London, and Massa’s decision not to pursue the championship title itself may be influenced by FIA statutes that prevent altering championship outcomes after the award has been given.

Felipe Massa’s taken a bold step. He’s suing the big guns: the FIA, FOM, and Bernie Ecclestone himself. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all about the cash. Massa’s convinced he was robbed of the 2008 Formula 1 world title. And he’s not just throwing accusations around. He’s got a bone to pick with a certain race – the Singapore Grand Prix.

Here’s the juicy bit. Massa believes that Nelson Piquet Jr.’s crash wasn’t just a mishap. Nope. He thinks it was a deliberate move to give Fernando Alonso an edge. And guess what? Alonso did take home the win that day.

But here’s the kicker. Lewis Hamilton, not Massa, clinched the 2008 world title. Thanks, in part, to the points from that very Singapore race. Massa’s been stewing over this. He’s convinced that race should’ve been nixed from the championship tally. If that had happened, we’d be talking about Champion Massa, not Hamilton.

Fast forward to now, and Massa’s not just mulling over it. He’s taken his fight to the courts of London. The stakes? A cool $81 million. That’s what he reckons he’s owed for not being crowned the 2008 champ. Motorsport.com got a peek at the court docs, and yep, Massa’s serious about this.

Hamilton remains 2008 champion

But don’t get it twisted. Massa’s not trying to rewrite history. He’s not gunning for the title of 2008 world champion. Seems like he’s come to terms with Hamilton keeping that crown. Maybe it’s because the FIA’s rulebook is pretty clear. Once a champion, always a champion. No take-backs, no do-overs.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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