Ferrari Aimed for Bearman to Join F1 Team at Season Start

Oliver Bearman, a promising driver racing for Prema in Formula 2, made an impressive Formula 1 debut by replacing Carlos Sainz at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix due to Sainz’s appendicitis, amidst discussions of him being a top candidate for a Haas seat next year and Ferrari’s plans for him to complete six free practice sessions this season.


‣ Oliver Bearman made a notable debut in the SF-24 during the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix weekend, substituting for Carlos Sainz who was out due to appendicitis.

‣ F1 journalist Michael Schmidt reported that Ferrari had plans to place Bearman at Haas for the current year, but Haas decided to address car issues before introducing a rookie.

‣ Despite facing challenges in Formula 2, Bearman’s performance in Jeddah was praised, indicating Ferrari’s confidence in his potential.

‣ Bearman is scheduled to complete six free practice sessions in Formula 1 this season, underlining his status as a promising talent for future races.

Charles Leclerc snagged third place at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix. But, let’s be real, the buzz was all about that Ferrari driver who crossed the finish line seventh. Enter Oliver Bearman. The guy jumped into the SF-24 on Friday and Saturday, filling in for Carlos Sainz who was out with a nasty case of appendicitis. And guess what? F1 journalist Michael Schmidt dropped a bombshell. He said Bearman was overdue for his Formula 1 debut.

Now, here’s the kicker. According to Schmidt, spilling the beans on Auto Motor und Sport’s podcast, Ferrari had big plans for Bearman. They wanted him at Haas, like, yesterday. But, oh boy, Haas had their own drama with car issues last year. They figured, “Let’s sort this mess out before we throw a rookie into the mix.” So, Bearman’s big shot was put on hold. But make no mistake, he’s Haas’s golden boy for next year.

### Bearman’s impressive baptism of fire
The F1 crowd can’t stop talking about Bearman’s debut in Jeddah. It was supposed to be his moment. But here’s the twist – Bearman, racing for Prema in Formula 2, is now playing catch-up in the title race. Bahrain was a bust; no points thanks to some setup snafus. And Jeddah? More of the same, no points. Why? Because the dude had to step up to Formula 1.

But here’s the thing. Ferrari’s got Bearman’s back. They’ve got him lined up for six free practice sessions in Formula 1 this season. And, according to GPblog’s ratings, Bearman’s killing it.

So, yeah, the plot thickens. Bearman’s journey is like a rollercoaster that’s just left the station. Fasten your seatbelts, folks. This ride’s just getting started.

Albert Ramirez
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