Ferrari Aims to Catch Red Bull with Imminent First Update

Ferrari, struggling to match Red Bull Racing’s performance, plans to introduce car updates at Suzuka and Imola to improve aerodynamics and solve tyre warm-up issues, aiming to close the gap with the leading team.


‣ Ferrari has secured front-row spots twice in 2024 but struggles to challenge Red Bull Racing in actual races, planning further updates to their SF-24 to narrow the gap.

‣ The first set of updates, aimed at increasing aerodynamic load, is expected as early as Suzuka, with another upgrade planned for Imola, focusing on Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz‘s cars.

‣ A significant issue for Ferrari has been the slow tyre warm-up, which was notably problematic in Jeddah, taking two full laps for the tyres to reach ideal temperature.

‣ Upcoming upgrades include a new floor with revised Venturi ducts and side edge at Suzuka, and at Imola, a new version of air intakes similar to the 2023 RB19, aimed at improving aerodynamics and overall car performance.

Oh, Ferrari. They snagged those front-row spots not once, but twice in 2024. Yet, when it came to the actual races, they just couldn’t catch up to Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez‘s Red Bull Racing. But hey, hope’s not lost. Over in Maranello, they’re pretty convinced they’re on the right track. They’re talking about giving the SF-24 some tweaks and updates. The goal? To close in on that elusive Austrian team. And guess what? These updates are coming sooner than you might think.

So, the word on the street (or in the Gazzetta dello Sport, to be precise) is that Ferrari’s rolling out these updates pretty darn soon. First stop? Suzuka. And then, just three races later, they’re hitting Imola with another round of upgrades for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz’s rides. The main aim? Boosting that aerodynamic load.

### Ferrari’s Tyre Troubles

Now, onto a bit of a sticky issue. Ferrari’s been having a bit of a time with their tyres. Not the good kind. They’re just not warming up fast enough. Picture this: in Jeddah, their tyres were like, “Nah, we’ll take our time.” It took a whole two laps to get them feeling just right, even though the car’s balance was spot on.

But wait, there’s more. Suzuka’s going to see a new floor on the Ferrari. We’re talking revamped Venturi ducts and side edges. And the wings? They’re getting a makeover too. The real show, however, is set for Imola. That’s where we’ll see a new version of the air intakes, kinda reminiscent of the 2023 RB19. These babies are narrower and have this upward slope from the bottom, making way for more airflow underneath.

Ferrari’s playing it smart with these staggered upgrades. It’s like they’re giving their engineers a chance to really see what works. The hope? That all these changes will tune the car to perfection. Or at least get it closer to giving Red Bull a run for its money. Here’s to hoping, right?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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